Top 5 book picks for Summer Holiday reading

Top 5 book picks for Summer Holiday reading!

not workingNot Working by Lisa Owens

When Claire Flannery leaves her unsatisfying job to seek her true vocation she quickly realises just how daunting that task actually is. She quickly becomes distracted and falls into a routine of competitions, disrupting friends’ dinner parties and fostering an increasing anxiety about the future. In contrast, her boyfriend Luke’s career is flying. A timely novel assessing women’s relationship with career. Fans of  Lena Dunham’s Girls will likely enjoy this.

eligibleEligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

An updated version of Pride and Prejudice. Set in 21st century Cincinnati, Lizzie and Jane Bennet have returned from New York to their childhood home to help their father recover from heart surgery. While staying there, Lizzie and Jane meet Chip Bingley and his best friend Fitzwilliam Darcy and the attractions between Chip and Jane are as instant as the animosity between Lizzie and Darcy. Worth a read if you like Austen’s novels.

all stories are love storiesAll Stories Are Love Stories by Elizabeth Percer

This novel follows a group of survivors pulled together in the aftermath of two earthquakes that strike San Francisco within an hour of each other. From the author of An Uncommon Education, Percer manages to create a thoughtful story about the power of nature, the resilience of the human spirit and the strength of human love. An intelligent and intimate portrayal of what it is like to love and lose at the same time.

when breath becomes air

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

Paul discovers he has incurable lung cancer at the age of 36, just as he is on the verge of qualifying as a neurosurgeon after a decade of training and planning a family with his wife. Instead he is facing a terminal illness and an identity crisis. A beautiful and poignant memoir that is truly life affirming. A must-read.

shtumShtum by Jem Lester

When Ben and his wife Emma fake a separation, Ben and Jonah move in with Ben’s elderly father Georg. As a result, three generations of men are thrown together in a small North London house. Powerful, darkly funny and heartbreaking, this story of fathers and sons, autism and dysfunctional relationships will appeal to fans of David Nichols and The Shock of the Fall.


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