Best Motivational Podcasts to Start the Year Strong


Best Motivational Podcasts to Start the Year Strong


With the busy and oftentimes hectic holiday season upon us, it’s easy to feel burnt out. Whether you’re in school, working towards your career or juggling a busy home life and kids, self-care can oftentimes end up being the least of our priorities. But with 2020 here, it’s a good idea to start thinking about ways we can work towards our mental and physical health without losing sight of our professional goals.

For many people, strategies like setting accountability checks and pushing harder may simply not cut it –– we get it, we’ve all been there. With that thought, we wanted to look up some additional sources of inspiration to fire up our motivation –– podcasts! 

Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the past few years, they’re great to listen to during your morning commute or when you’re doing some cleaning around the house. To help narrow down to ones that fit your goals, below is a roundup of some of the best podcasts out there for self-help, personal growth and professional growth! 


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