Better Call Saul catch up review

If you’re in trouble, you either A.want to be Saul Goodman or B. want to give him a call….


Four more episodes in and I feel like this series really has legs.
Saul, or Jimmy McGill as we know him to be for now, is an underdog of the best kind, the kind who will stop at nothing to get the result he wants. The story is developing well in the battle between Jimmy and the prestigious law firm Hamlin and McGill. Jimmy has power of attorney over his older brother Chuck (the McGill in Hamlin and McGill) played commandingly by Michael McKean, whose character believes he is suffering from ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’ a condition that causes illness when near electrical devices rendering him useless for dealing with the outside world and prevents him from attending work.

Jimmy is also Chuck’s carer, playing the good samaritan dropping off groceries and equally playing the role of annoying younger brother turning up unannounced in the middle of the night, completely drunk and passing out cold on his brothers sofa. The relationship between the pair is real and there is
genuine love here. Where Chuck is righteous, Jimmy is unscrupulous but he has a heart, a loveable anti-hero. There are some incredibly comical moments, particularly in episode four ‘Hero’ where Jimmy devises a cunning plan that both allows him to draw more clients, whilst also allowing him to attack Hamlin and McGill.

Better Call Saul Ep 2

Bob Odenkirk tackles playing the lead in this show in his stride, he is endearing and his comedy timing spot on. Jimmy’s relationship with would be girlfriend ‘Kim’ played confidently by Rhea Seehorn, lawyer at Hamlin and McGill, is starting to show promise and I am hopeful for the pair.

The show has good pace and feels as though it is building up to something big, I am not
sure of what it is but I am looking forward to finding out!

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