Snug as a bug – It’s Blanket Coat Season



As snug as a bug…

As the dark nights have slowly crept in, or should I say arrived far too quickly! The romantic in me pictures a roaring open fire and a (large) cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows!) all snuggled up wrapped in my layers and cosy socks. But the reality is that it’s COLD and there’s no staying in front of an open fire all day.  Luckily this autumn brings a personal favourite…the wrap/ blanket coat. It can make the most basic of outfits look chic.
Made popular by Burberry. Here’s Olivia Palermo and SJP wearing their monogrammed version in two very different ways!


Think I’d fall more into the SJP style (but that’s more to do with cellulite!!)

Good news is the high street have followed suit from Ganni to Primark there is a price range to suit every budget. It can be worn either casual or glam, with dresses or boyfriend jeans. This piece is a fashion chameleon.  Here’s my inspiration to style up (and cover up) during the colder days.

These are great everyday looks:


If the loose fit of a blanket coat does your body shape no favours. A Wrap Coat could be more up your street.


Feeling the need to glam up a grey day?  Try teaming heels and a turban (if you dare) a la June Ambrose.
Those London Chicks- Snug As A Bug

This one is just too cosy not to share…

Those London Chicks- Snug As A Bug

Go On Get Cosy!

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