Space within Space


Interior Design Inspiration: Space within Space

by Alexa Page

There is something about interior architecture which involves a ‘box in box’ which excites me. This is partly the allure of a possible secret hideaway,which is externally visible and makes me want to explore further. I also like the fact that that it allows for two different spaces to live side by side, not concealed by a different room but (more or less) exposed.

The above project was designed by architect Inês Brandão for his family home. The architect designed a black box made from oriented strand board which housed a kitchen on one side, bathroom on the other and integrated stairs. The concept was to compartmentalise areas and to use this block in order to bring together ‘functions’ of the living space.


Penda have designed a copper clad ‘suitcase’ in this apartment for one of China’s biggest art collectors. The space will be used to store and sell art; the copper clad cube a ‘transformable box’ housing valuable artwork, alongside seating and a bar which can be pulled or pushed back into place depending on the social requirements. The contrast between the concrete interior and rich copper is strong, creating intrigue towards what may be hidden inside… “Leaving the rest of the space in untouched rough concrete, the copper objects capture attention, reflecting natural light in a warm, red tone,” the studio explains.



Heliocosm in Paris, perhaps not quite as much a ‘space within space’, rather more of a tunnel…but hey, it looks like a box from this angle! Seriously though…it continues with the idea of a box being inserted into a space and in this instance, the box creates a tunnel which connects two different spaces. If one were to take inspiration from these examples of interior architecture, I understand it could be a little tricky to implement if you do not have a large expanse of space to play with…. so below are some ideas to create your own (scaled down!) space within space.

box in box

Alexa xx

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