Break the Rules: Bohemian Chic Interior Design


Ladies, it’s time you brought that irresistible Bohemian vibe from your wardrobe into your home, because there is nothing that can portray that warm, intimate homey vibe like a maximalist setting draped in colour, greenery, and vintage decor hailing from around the world. In essence, this is the look that will set your home apart from all others and give your living environment some of that much-needed “laissez-faire” vibe.

The thing you need to know about the Boho style is that it aims to bring the old days of love, song, and dance back to life, to reawaken the days of the artistic lifestyle in which vintage decor and lively colours create a vivacious living environment. But, that’s just the beginning. Here is your essential guide to the Bohemian Chic interior design.

It’s a cultural thing



Following the eclectic mind-set, every Boho Chic setting starts as an homage to culture and artistic lifestyle. In fact, you can be rest assured that the artists from the “beat generation” in the 1950s owned more books than they did clothes, more music and works of art than they did food in their fridge. These days are long gone, and while you needn’t starve yourself to feel like a true Boho, you should feel free to surround yourself with art of every kind.

Layer books on top of books on coffee tables, frame album covers of great musicians who are no more, let a guitar lean gently on the chest of drawers. Let freedom reign supreme. Keep in mind, though, that this is organised chaos, so refrain from cluttering the space. Instead, let everything have its place in this organised jungle of emotions, and history.

Vintage pieces as statement pieces





Another foundation of the Boho Chic look is the decor line that enjoys vintage pieces dating from several time periods such as the mid-twentieth century and the hippy years of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Using vintage pieces as a part of your design does not mean buying just anything at the flea market and putting it in your living room; no, it means choosing those pieces that still boast a vibrant aura of days past.

Think about introducing statement decor such as a tribal print rug to accentuate the seating area in the living room, or a statement Pop art wall overlooking the sectional. Complement the seating area with a mid-century freestanding arc lamp to evoke a subtle “nuclear family” vibe.

Add natural finishes throughout



The Boho Chic design thrives on the use of greenery in every room, and it truly comes to life when you complement rich florae with natural decor elements as well. This is where Australians make all the right decisions, so take note.

In the Land Down Under, homeowners are so crazy about the Boho look that they have brought the design to its aesthetic zenith. Among the numerous natural elements, designers are putting fancy Venetian blinds in Melbourne and other Boho hubs around the country to frame the design of the room and let other natural elements come to life. Complement the setting with accessories such as woven wall decor, macramé throws and rugs, and of course, wooden side tables and furniture.

Go crazy with the throws



The accessories in a Boho Chic interior should give every room a dash of quirkiness, spontaneity, and irresistible charm while being reminiscent of the vibrancy that permeated the hippy era. To achieve this vibrantly-eclectic look, you want to combine various patterns with bright colours on all of the throws in the room.

Blankets, accent textiles, and throw pillows layered on armchairs and sofas should enjoy a mixture of floral patterns, ethnic tribal prints, and geometric designs that will mix things up in a beautiful dance of chaos and order. Such a beautiful symbiosis of two opposites will bring the Boho design to life.

Introduce accents from around the world



Lastly, keep in mind that the Boho design aims to celebrate nomadic cultures of old, their way of life, and the deep connection they cherished with art and Mother Nature. These cultures are not just the hippies in America, but the Bohemians hailing from the Czech Republic, France, Spain, and other cultural epicentres of Europe and the rest of the world. So, be sure your living environment is rich with decor coming from different cultures of the world as well.

The Boho look has become extremely popular in recent years among global fashionistas, and now it is making its way into modern homes in hopes of evoking the most beautiful elements of the nomadic generations. Let these design ideas help you create a positive, inspiring living environment to feed your never-ending wanderlust.

Bio: Cooper Klein is a cool dad in touch with his feminine side. He’s currently working from home as a blogger for SmoothDecorator and several other sites. You can find him on Twitter.

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