Brows to be defined by!


Beautiful brows

What makes the perfect brow: Shape? Size? Texture? Length?
Each to their own girls, everyone’s brows can be beautiful these days with all of the wonderful new products and treatments available to us all.

What determines the brow method you choose? Is it price, convenience, quickness, skills required or technique?

Well girls, the world of the perfect brows is here. Find the right shape to suit your face on your own or take advise and be free with your brows.
To help you with these choices, here are a few of my top tips and products for achieving your happy brows.

First establish your face shape!

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Once you found your correct face shape you can then establish which brow shape will suit you here are some examples

Oval face : example JENNIFER ANNISTON

Jennifer Aniston Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Jennifer Anniston

This is considered to be the easiest face shape for brows as most shapes will suit. I personally would choose the soft angled brow: this helps maintain the oval face shape.
Ideally this can be created using all of the products I’ve listed below, but my favourite would be the hd brow palette finishing with some brow set to complete the natural but sophisticated look.

Long face  : example SARAH JESSICA PARKER

Sarah Jessica Parker

The aim with the brow shape is to help shorten the length of the face, a flat prominent brow will help with this and make the overall face seem shorter. To help create this shape, I would use the eyebrow pencil. One of my fav’s is the Rimmel brow pencil. This comes with a brush at the other end – perfect for brushing through when the desired shape is achieved.

Round face: example DREW BARRYMORE

Drew Barrymore

For this shaped face i would suggest a high arched brow- similar in shape to the soft angled brow but just taking the arch (top) of the brow higher to help elongate the shape of the face. Avoid a round brow shape as this will only exaggerate the round face shape. To achieve this, I would use the brow powders similar to the ones suggested below and the brow pencil, using the powder to create the shape, and the pencil to take up the arch to make the angle higher.  Then brush through to take away any harsh lines.

Square face: example MARILYN MONROE

Marilyn Monroe

The eyebrow shape here should be used to help soften the jawline on this face shape. Therefore I would create a slightly  curved brow similar in shape to the rounded brow as shown above but emphasising the arch (top) of the brow to even up the face shape and make the brow appear stronger. To achieve this I would use a brow pencil to achieve the shape, and use the powder to enhance the depth of colour to this brow, to create the exaggerated look.

Heart face: example SCARLETT JOHANSSON

Scarlett Johansson

With this face shape the forehead is usually the widest part of the face. Therefore a curved or rounded brow is best for this face shape. Again adjust the height of the arch (top) accordingly to create this look. I would use a brow powder to create the shape of this brow and brow set to fix the shape, once the desired shape is created.



Diamond face: example RHIANNA

This face shape is most likely to be wider at the temples or top of the cheekbones therefore a curved /rounded eyebrow would be perfect to help soften the face shape and reduce the width of the widest area . To achieve this I would use the brow powders to create a soft shape and the brow pencil to enhance this shape as required.


Remember if the way your brow grows is unruly and not the right shape, take advice from a salon as to how and if you can train your brows to the correct shape for your face. This may include a regular visit to a salon to have your brow waxed or threaded etc.  Or if you’re confident pluck away yourself. A good tip for this, is to get the right brow shape stencil, apply it to the eyebrow area,shade it in with a light powder and then you can see which hairs need plucking away,

Brow stencils

Great for getting the right shape length and thickness

Here are a couple of suggestions of my fave’s at the moment!

HD BROWS Palette

HD Brows brow palettes
From HD Brows come in various shade palettes
Prices approx £25

These powders are great for creating most brow shapes easy to use and get a precise shape
This is a two in one product –  it contains 3 brow shades and a highlighter and a double ended brush. THere is also a choice of colours for the palettes depending on your hair shade and skin tone
One end is angled to get precision and one is a brush to apply highlighter under the brow line to help lift the eyebrow shape, use this to powder through your brows once desired shape is achieved and then fill in as required , you can also get double use from this product by using the palette as eyeshadows also, You can create amazing smokey eyes subtle daytime eyeshadow or a subtle soft eye line.

Rimmel Brow Pencil

Rimmel brow pencil :
Use this to create a dramatic precision look that can be easily smudged , if you use this with the brow stencils and to add extra definition go over with the hd powder to create a matt affect.

Amazing for precise brow shape; easy to blend and smudge.

Easy to use, use it sparingly you a little goes a long way.

Always remember girls, nothing’s irreversible when using makeup. If you are trying products out for the first time,  play around with the brow shape, experiment with all the products out there don’t be afraid to ask the questions at the beauty counter or department store. Remember if they are selling a product they are trained to know how to use it fully!

So go for it my brow queens be free with them there brows !!!!

xxxxxx Makeup kisses xxxxxx

By MUA: Lisa Kerry Vice

Feature image:Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

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