Do you live in the land of happiness, wrapped up in a bubble of positivity where your life is stress-free, no crisis, no worry?
 Once you’ve stopped laughing at the question I’m guessing that you and 99% of the women in this country would answer “No!”
But we often feel that this is the impression we ought to give off, living a perfect life banished from imperfections.

Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves and without even realising we can become overwhelmed and feel out of control. 

Everyone else will see you going about your daily life looking calm and composed, looking after your family, working hard, making sure that everyone else is ok.

 They don’t see the times when you’re alone feeling discouraged, deflated and overcome. 

If you were to meet me today you would immediately notice that I’m a very happy and positive person. 

Do I live in the land of happiness, wrapped up in a bubble of positivity where my life is stress free, no crisis, no worry?

 The simple answer is no!

Some days I wish I could escape to ‘The Land of Not a Care in the World’ but in reality I still have life challenges thrown at me, occasionally I want to crawl back under my duvet and not come out for a while!

 What I have come to learn is that it’s how you deal with these challenges that really matter.

 Will you choose to be consumed with fear and worry or do you choose to you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with things the best you can? 

Here a few tips to help you stay calm and in control;
What can you learn? Look at the situation from an outsider’s perspective, always try and think what I can learn from this challenge. If people seem to be taking advantage of you, how can you become more assertive?

You don’t need to shout about it! When you do have a problem there are people who genuinely care, and those who just want the gossip. Writing a negative status on social media will mainly attract the gossip hunters. Surround yourself with people who you know and trust, speak to them if you need someone to listen or even better meet up and speak to them face to face.
Appreciate what you’ve got – No matter what challenge is thrown at you think about what you do have in your life. Two years ago I volunteered at a homeless charity on Christmas day. I drove there in the morning feeling a bit sorry for myself and missing my family. I drove home counting my blessings and feeling so grateful I had a safe place to live, a bed to sleep in and a family I would see again soon.

I have always said that confidence starts from within, by taking back your control and taking responsibility for yourself and more importantly your thoughts. If you embrace just one of these new habits it will definitely help.