The Cancer Fighters are “In The Mood”


Dragons Den’s Hilary Devey ‘loves’ them and Theo Paphitis thinks The Cancer Fighters are an ‘amazing initiative.’ Gold Medallist, Andy Turner supports them and has been photographed wearing THE CANCER FIGHTERS official pink tee shirts! And it’s not by anyone’s terms a subtle pink! They are called “THE CANCER FIGHTERS.” A group of 23 Lincolnshire ladies, who have either had cancer or lost someone to cancer.  Fundraising for Cancer Research UK by singing their charity single ‘We’re in the Mood” an adapted version of The Nolan’s original hit ‘I’m in the Mood for Dancing.’ It is because of their energy, enthusiasm and their catchy version played on the radio that we were so keen to champion their mission. We believe the song alone should be a hit but with the reason for it’s creation behind it, we know everyone out there will get on board too!

The single will be released via download for Wed 4th Feb on World Cancer Day! So in just a couple of taps on your keyboard you can listen to their song and donate to Charity all before lunch! Anyone who hasn’t worked out who to give their ~NO-vember saving to then these ladies donating details are below!

They also have several up and coming live events so check out their Facebook, twitter and webpage to see where will be filling the air with heartfelt harmonies.




Mike Myers is also behind The Cancer Fighters and here are his words on the Lincolnshire ladies-

“Over the years I have lost many loved ones, including my mother and my wife, to cancer. Cancer is a disease with a voracious appetite and something we must endeavour to eradicate. Some months ago I lost someone else I came to know as a friend; Bernie Nolan, the lead singer of The NOLANS. Although I hadn’t seen Bernie for some time, I remember with absolute clarity and fondness, the fun we had years before when I was writing and producing The NOLANS records. When I was asked if I would give my consent, as a writer of The Nolan’s song –  I’M IN THE MOOD FOR DANCING, to an adaptation by The Cancer Fighters, I was sceptical. When I read the adapted lyric and learned that the song was to be recorded by the “Cancer Fighters”, in order to raise money for Cancer Research and Race for Life, I didn’t hesitate in giving my consent. As the co-producer of the original track for Epic I am also very happy to be able to donate the multitrack of a re-recorded version of I’m In The Mood For Dancing.” I would ask and encourage others within the music industry to “lend their weight” and do whatever they can to support The Cancer Fighters in their quest.”

 Mike Myers – Songwriter & Record Producer

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