How to…. make Scented Soy Candles


Step by Step Scented Soy Candle Making Tutorial

I have spent a lot of money in the past buying Scented Candles…an awful lot. I would say I’m bordering on being a little obsessed, with the instant feeling of calm. The  atmosphere of warm, restful tranquility one feels once a candle is lit is hard to beat. That together with the right scent….heaven!!

I had always considered making my own candles but for some reason I thought it was a long complicated procedure that I wouldn’t be able to achieve. I decided to do a bit of research and discovered it’s fairly straight forward and actually looked like a lot of fun! An ideal way of re-cyling old jars and turning them into something for your home or great gifts.

Why Soy Wax? Well, because its non-toxic and burns cleaner than paraffin (most commonly used), with no petrol-carbon soot, which add toxic carcinogens into the air you breathe. It also has a slower cooler burn, creating a longer burning candle. It only costs a little more, but I think it’s most certainly worth it.

With this step by step tutorial I aim to take the anxiousness out of candle making and show you how to make your very own scented soy candles. At a fraction of the cost and from the comfort of your own home!

 What you will need :

2015-01-30 15.22.13

Eco Soy Wax

A double Pan

Essential Oils of your choice

Wicks (I used pre soy waxed linen and cotton blend)

A food Thermometer

Glue dots

Wooden spoon for stirring

Containers or Jars

Clothes pegs (or anything like a pencil to keep the wick in place)




Measure the amount of wax you’ll need by using double the amount of wax per jar.

Pour into the pan. I ended up using 1kg of soy wax.

Fill the bottom pan with water and begin to heat the wax.

2015-01-30 16.49.15

While the wax is melting get your work space together and lay down some newspaper. Your jars should be at room temperature, so if you had them stored in the shed, bring them in to sit the night before. Have your essential oil, spoon and thermometer to hand. Using the glue dots on the metal piece at the end of the wick, stick them to the bottom of the jar. Stabilise with the clothes pegs.




Always keep an eye on your melting wax, you don’t want it to burn. Soy wax is known for it’s fairly low melting point. Your candle wax will come with specific instructions from the manufacturer on the ideal melting temp and the pouring temp. I took the melted wax off the heat at 75-80 c. Let it cool a couple of degrees, then add the Essential Oil and give it a good stir. The suggestion for a good ‘scent throw’ is 6-10% of the weight of your wax. I had 1kg so I used 80ml of Sandalwood Essential Oil one of my favourites. You can blend your own, but as a ‘newby’ I wanted to keep things as simple as possible.



Start to pour the wax into the jars, the wax will start to change colour pretty quickly, try not to move or adjust your jars. At this point, the temptation for me to make wax long nails was rather overwhelming (the child in me) but I resisted….just. Let the wax cool. Cover with a box, or a pot so the wax doesn’t cool down too quickly. Leave overnight.



There are various ways you can decorate your finished candle. I went for some rustic string I had in the cupboard. It seemed to go with the natural colour of the soy wax and the earthy woody scent of the Sandalwood.


I can’t believe I hadn’t tried this before! It’s a lot of fun, something you can do alone or great to do if you have older children. I’m happy with the result and my bank balance is positively beaming! I can now really experiment with colour, essential oil blends and various types of containers.

For the scent I used Sandalwood Essential Oil, I love it because it has a sweet warm smell of wood, that encourages calm and relaxation. It is said to promote emotional balance and brain function…..

Also thought to awaken sensuality!! 


 Go on, give it a go….

By Karen Bryson

Photos: Karen Bryson

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