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Casey Hill writes articles for Those London Chicks -Jaqueline of all trades Mother of one


Travelling with kids??

Thinking about going travelling with kids? Casey hill has some very useful first hand experience and tips to pass on.


A Selfless Good Deed

If you’re between the ages of 30 and 50 (and live on planet earth) chances are you’ve seen the FRIENDS episode where Joey bets Phoebe there’s no such thing as a selfless good deed… A few months ago a photographer I follow on Instagram started posting photos of her time…


Adaptability – After giving Birth

Adaptability. Eleven days ago I had a baby boy! Nine days ago I was sobbing, coughing and about to give up on life. (Although my actual labour was blessedly quick I had two previous nights in the hospital with no sleep. Add to that a chest infection and a big…

Round Two!

We’re gonna have a baby!! Yep, I’m Pregnant again. It’s not exactly the timing I would have wished for (I swear I only managed about two months of guilt free drinking in there…) but fantastic news all the same. Unfortunately, this also means the start of Operation ‘hide the bump’….


Makeup Case Must Haves!

Every mother is a working mother My baby turned one at the beginning of the year (We didn’t break her. Yay for us!) Massive high. Unfortunately, my career decided to keep me in check by disappearing. Massive low. January was dry. Bone dry. Dry as a dusty ol’ desert boot…


Auditions – Second best?

Apparently I’m second best. Recently I’ve had a spate of auditions and recalls. For those smart enough not to be involved in “showbiz” (I write that knowing how knobbish I sound) quite often you will have to audition for something a few times to make sure you are absolutely right…


Jaqueline of All Trades, Mum of one

My name is Casey Hill and I am a career hoarder. I don’t know if it’s a result of being self employed and therefore financially insecure but I am perennially being ‘something else’. I am professionally an actress, a dancer, makeup artist, hair stylist, model, writer and swimming coach to…