Jenny Garrett


The Sure-Fire Way to Increase your Confidence

As a coach, many of my clients come to me to improve their confidence levels. I decided to undertake a survey to understand what could be getting in the way of increasing confidence levels and what could help boost confidence. The findings were interesting: A high percentage of those that…


The Secret to Achieving your Goals

The Secret to Achieving your Goals How are you with goal setting? Do you set big hairy audacious goals, or are yours small and manageable? Are your goals always the same, meaning that you never achieve them? Or maybe you are waiting to be stronger, smarter, more beautiful, even fitter…


Don’t forget the Past Year. Learn from It!

Don’t forget the Past Year. Learn from It! The year is nearly at an end and I guess that you’ve been so busy living life that you haven’t had time to review it. Taking time out to review always feels like a bit of a chore but I am here…