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Protecting your skin from the Sun

Protecting your Skin from the Sun Are you wearing Sunscreen? I know that this is a favourite subject of mine and many have heard me say…The Sun is NOT your friend and whilst we’re on the subject, this includes SUN BEDS. The fact is that up until you’re 30, you…


To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo

My Guide to Getting Inked A large percentage of my business is tattoo removal.  In fact, I lecture on the subject and have my tattoo removal lasers made to my specs. I’m convinced that the minimum age for tattoos should be 25.  Most of the tattoos I remove were done…


What you should know if you hate your tattooed eyebrows

What you should know if you hate your tattooed eyebrows 6 Things You Should Know….  Semi permanent makeup is growing in popularity because it’s an easy way to wake up with makeup and in a world where people are rushing all over the place, that’s a good thing! I know…


Beauty Industry and Expectations

Beauty Industry and Expectations  There is no denying that the entire beauty industry exists as a crutch for our egos. Still, we must remember that this is by no means a new phenomenon. Suffice to look at the beauty rituals of the Egyptian Pharaohs to understand that we didn’t start…

Models of Diversity Evening

Models of Diversity Evening

   By Lorena Oberg Recently, I had the honour of being on the panel for the Models of Diversity front row event on body image.  I shared the panel with people from all walks of life and we discussed how the fashion industry and the media has a lot to…