Nessa Wrafter

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Upcycling – The Dining Table

Now todays delight is similar in style to last time. It’s a rather dashing Dining Table, again with the ever so useful fold down sides. This ‘drop leaf’ style is super handy for city living! Actions On a full sanding to get rid of patchy old varnish. Underneath, the wood…


What they don’t tell you about Pregnancy!

Where do all the pregnant ladies go to dance?

There are a lot of words that are used to describe pregnancy. Magical, exciting, scary… and it is all of those things. But most of all, it’s personal. None of the many websites designed to guide women through gestation can cover all…


Upcycling – The School Desk

Now, we all know it’s wrong to pick a favourite child/album/piece of furniture, but I never said I was perfect.This is my  favourite piece of furniture. It’s an original school desk from the 40’s, rescued from a school by a teacher who kept it safe in his home until we…


Pregnant and Upcycling

Now that the weather is heating up and we’re all starting to get our uncooked-meat-coloured-bits out (I mean legs and upper arms you perverts), I’ve been happily enjoying some quality time with my power tools. I could re-read and think better of that sentence, but, like a shivering Brit in…


The Upcycling Station – Getting Started

By NESSA WRAFTER Madonna famously said “We are living in a material world and I am a material girl”. I think all of us chicks out there can connect to this, on so many levels. Ok, so maybe just the one level…Madge may have written some killer pop but a…