Superfoods for Healthy Skin

Our diet has a big impact on the appearance of our skin and overall body health. Incorporating superfoods into our meals can be valuable for maintaining healthy looking skin from the inside out, and creating a healthy lifestyle long term. Superfoods are foods packed full of healthy vitamins and nutrients….


5 Tips for Healthy Eating

How many of you here have a longtime love-hate relationship with food? *slowly raises hand* If you’ve been struggling to shed off those extra pounds the previous month (or the entire year), there must be something wrong in your daily eating regimen (duh). Healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll eat…

A Healthier Christmas Dinner

The average Brit consumes over 6000 calories on Christmas day, but there are ways to lighten the load and still enjoy the festivities. It is not the roast that is at fault, but the way we cook it! Limited the unhealthy saturated fats and keep things simple. Turkey is a…

Bottled or Tap? – Facts About Water

There is a lot of information being thrown our way every day about the health hazards that surround us. Of course, we all want to be as healthy as we possibly can, but how can we differentiate between the actual health scares and money-grabbing scams? This debate is very common…


The Best of British Superfoods

The Best of British Superfoods Sarah Flower has compiled a very comprehensive and easy to understand list of British Superfoods you should be including in your day to day eating and what is so great about them! Plums One of the highest ORAC values (measure antioxidant activity).  They score higher…


Sugar Free • Alternatives • Recipes & More!

Sugar Free • Alternatives • Recipes • and More! We all need to be cutting our sugar consumption dramatically.  The World Health Organisation recommends no more than 25g per day for an adult (much less for a child, depending on age), which roughly equates to 6 teaspoons per day.  We…