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How to Practice Self-Therapy + Tips to Keep You Calm

Tips To Keep You Calm Due to COVID-19, many people are experiencing stress and anxiety, which makes now a great time to begin managing and keeping track of your levels of stress and how you can decrease those levels. There are many days, especially during this time, where you may…


A Spring in your Step

 A Spring in your Step! As I write this article I am watching the hailstones hammering down onto my patio and confusing all my spring plants. Apart from the beautiful bloom of cherry blossom everywhere to remind us it is Spring, arctic winds, hailstones and temperatures struggling to get beyond…


Ever fancied being able to do a Pull-Up?

Mastering the PULL-UP By Sean Lerwill Mastering the pull-up isn’t an overnight success. For anyone who has never performed a pull-up, it’s not something you just find you can do and do well. Even those that can surprise themselves by doing one, they certainly won’t be able to do many. Being…

We Just Want To Wish You All A Very

To all of our readers we want to say Merry Christmas and a huge THANK YOU for all your support and feedback and to all of our contributors for making Those London Chicks what it is. Lots of Love,   Kate and Karen xx


Carnival in Munich

Carnival in Munich In the winter of 2012 and into the spring of 2013 I was working as a dancer in a show called Speed with a renowned European company, Holiday on Ice. We toured Europe and performed at some amazing arenas, met wonderful people and tried and tested beers…


Planning My Wedding – The Venue!

Predicament number 2: Finding a venue. Our engagement party took place on the lawns at my house. We bought a mini marquee and a few gazebos that we put up as it was expected to rain. We supplied loads of food and drink and my brother sorted out the music,…

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They say ‘It’s all in the Eyes”

We say it’s all around the eyes! The eyes can sparkle but if the lids and bags are talking, then the pupils aren’t really being given much of a chance! It’s like having a play behind closed curtains. The summer is pretty much over and if you were anything like…