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Celena Cherry, lead singer of Platinum award winning RNB group The Honeyz, they enjoyed international success in the 90’s, with a wealth of hits including: Talk to the Hand, End of the Line and our fav Finally Found, which spent 10 weeks in the UK Top 10. More recently, she starred in ITV2’s Big Reunion. A show which followed the reforming of the group. Celena, is no stranger to being in the spotlight and under the glare of the media. We at Those London Chicks caught up with gorgeous Celena to find out about her beauty secrets.

Having been in the business for years do you think the pressure to look ‘perfect’ has increased?

I think people’s idea of what they think is perfect has changed. Today everybody wants everything fake. Fake hair, fake eyelashes , tattooed brows etc …. Don’t get me wrong , I too use these things but I think the pressure is on big time ESP because of the media and what they portray as perfect.


We at Those London Chicks are fans of your fabulous flawless skin. What is your skincare routine?

Oh thank you! I’m just really lucky. My parents both have great skin so I guess I got it from them. Regarding skin care routine I always wash my face morning and evening. Don’t use anything special, St Ives Face Scrub followed by moisturising with astral or cream from Vichy.



Has your regime evolved since your hectic days on the road with pop group The Honeyz?

I’ve always done the same thing really. Back in the day I wore a lot more make up daily because of the amount of shows etc so I would cleanse and tone more.


What are the beauty products that you can’t you be without?

Can’t be without astral cream. Old ‘Skool’ it’s the best !



Those London Chicks - chicks chats Celena Cherry at The Bodyguard (Adelphi Theatre). Photo Credit Dan WoollerWhat are your favourite brands that create really make-up for darker skin tones and why?

I really like clinic moisture foundation as it’s light and they have good shades for black skin. Also Mac and Bobbi Brown are good too.



As a singer, you’re used to getting your hair and makeup done. What tips have you picked up from make-up artists and hairstylists over the years?

I’ve learnt shading , like shading my nose to make it look smaller as I hate my nose. Don’t do it do much anymore as I don’t have time! Lol. I’m useless with hair but have picked up tips for good products like Moroccan oil.


What’s your go-to beauty look for a date, special occasion or red carpet?

I love red lipstick ! Always bring that out for an occasion.


celena-cherry-honeyz-singerHave you had any hair, makeup or beauty disasters….go on, share?

When I look back over the years on many the magazine photo shoots and old pics I did in the 90’s with The Honeyz, it is clear to see I had many disasters! I once went to a celeb party with orange hair as I tried to dye it light brown and it came out ginger. Had to rock the ginger look for the night! I ran straight to my hairdresser the next day. I think I only got to know myself and what looks best ,well after the group ended.

Who are your beauty icons and why?

I don’t have one beauty icon but I think there are so many beautiful women in media at the moment. Beyoncé , Kim Kardashian, Jada Pinkett-Smith and the late Whitney Houston , to name a few .,… I love their elegance and the way they carry themselves. Powerful and beautiful at the same time.


 What does beauty mean to you?

I think beauty is from within. Someone can be what we think is stereotypically beautiful on the outside but if they are horrible inside they are ugly to me. Beauty is what we put out. It’s in the eye of the beholder.

Thank you so much Celena!

Interview by Karen Bryson xx


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