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Having recently played the leading roles of Baby in Dirty Dancing, and Girl in Once alongside Ronan Keating  , Jill Winternitz is firmly claiming her place within the West End brigade of favourites. We caught Jill between shows to ask her about how she copes with stage make up, hot lights, and what beauty secrets she can share with us Chicks.

What does your beauty routine entail and are you a product obsessed Chick or a simple soap and water gal?

I wear as little make up as possible until I get to work and apply my show make up.  I like to give my skin a break whenever possible.  I’m a big believer in cleanser and moisturiser.  Giving my face a good clean when I get home after the show each night is essential.  At the moment, I’m using ‘Egyptian Magic’ at night.  It’s a brilliant oil-based moisturiser that contains only a few ingredients including olive oil and beeswax.


Obviously dancing, singing, and fast changes all play havoc with keeping make up on. Do you have to keep reapplying or do you have a few tricks for keeping it perfect?

I’m lucky in Once as I don’t have any quick changes or big dance numbers so I don’t tend to sweat off my make-up as I did in Dirty Dancing.  At the interval I simply get rid of any smudged eye-liner, and spritz my face with Shu Uemura rose mist for a little boost.

Obviously show make up is a lot heavier than day to day make up and can be a nightmare for causing spots. We have noticed however that you always have such beautiful glowing skin. How do you manage it?

Again, I’m very fortunate with Once, because the make up is designed to be natural and virtually non-existent.  I use Bare Minerals, which is very easy on the skin and doesn’t clog my pores.  With Dirty Dancing I used MAC Face and Body which has fuller coverage.  The trick for me was always removing my make up after the show and also getting semi-regular facials.  For the last few years I’ve been getting facials at Linda Meredith Knightsbridge.  They have a ‘Haute Couture’ facial which is bespoke and very relaxing too.

From your various film, tv and theatre jobs you must have met a make up artist or two with a trick or two up their sleeve. What has been the most useful tip you have picked up?

My biggest find has been Benefit Eye Bright, as it makes my eyes look bigger and more expressive. It’s great for theatre!


What products do you love and you can’t live without?

I love Benefit’s Browzing Kit and BADgal lash mascara (it hardly ever runs).  For events I really like Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation as it gives a really nice, fresh look.

Are you good at applying make up yourself?

It’s something I’ve been doing since I first started in theatre as a kid, so I’ve learned out of necessity.  I really enjoy applying make up as it’s all part of creating a character.  It’s a ritual.

If you could emulate one person or look for a photo shoot who or what would it be?

I’d love to do a shoot inspired by Imperial Russia set amongst the canals of St. Petersburg and The Winter Palace.  I have a real fascination with that era in history.

Are their any times you have had huge make up or hair disasters and what NO NO’s/Don’t Do’s would you share with our Chicks?

I once went for a blow dry to get a ‘California beach waves’ look before an audition.  Unfortunately, due to weather and the hairdresser not using enough product and heat, my hair dropped before I even got to the audition!  The lesson I learnt was to always be clear with your stylist and to always have an emergency bottle of hairspray to hand for important events!


What’s your go-to beauty look for a date, special occasion or red carpet?

I gravitate towards a natural look: a fresh foundation, blush/bronzer to accentuate cheek bones, defined eyebrows and simple eye make-up.  If I’m feeling bolder I will go for red lipstick too.

What are you beauty sins, there must be at least one?

Eating too much sugar!  I’m convinced that sugar is the root cause of spots and skin problems.


To keep up to date with Jill you can find her on Twitter! @JillWinternitz

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