Charming Wedding Bouquets that You’ll Surely Love


Charming Wedding Bouquets that you’ll surely love. Bridal bouquets are symbolic and a must-have for brides. It is said that flower bouquets used in weddings represent happiness and contentment.

According to Make Happy Memories, one of the best wedding planners in Greece, when it comes to selecting beautiful blooms and lush greens to use for your bridal bouquet, you should always ensure that you select flowers that will complement your dress, will match your wedding theme, and will catch your guests’ attention –– after all, it’s your big day and you surely do have the right to go all out! Having organized several weddings in Greece and being known as one of the top wedding planners in Greece, I always make it a point to read Make Happy Memories’ inspirational blog posts for wedding décor inspirations.

You can choose from a wide variety of blooms for your bouquet –– from tulips, lily of the valley, roses, hydrangeas, peonies, and a whole lot more. In this article, I have written some bridal bouquet ideas you could use for your special day!



Thinking about going for a bouquet that is eye-popping yet will still perfectly match your lovely white dress? You surely can do that by mix and matching colored blooms, ribbons and greenery together. You may pick two to three types of flowers with vibrant colors to use and surround them with greens and you are all set! If you’re keen on going for something colorful, I recommend using tulips, roses, lilies, and ranunculus.



Pastel colored flowers used for bridal bouquets are graceful and elegant looking. Picture yourself making your way to the altar while carrying a bridal bouquet filled with peonies, roses, and carnations. Absolutely chic and a moment worth remembering!



Use of fresh leafy greens for your bridal bouquet is also another option you might want to take into consideration. To do this, just ask your florist to combine ferns and leaves of your choice in various sizes and let your florist know that you want all the greens to stand out. If you ask me what greenery you can use, I would suggest going for myrtle and leatherleaf ferns. You may also opt to pair your selected greenery with neutral colored flowers.

All White


Use of white flowers for bridal bouquets is timeless. Fresh white blooms do not only easily match a bride’s wedding dress, but they’re also exquisite and astonishing to look at! My top flower picks would be carnations, hydrangeas, dahlias, roses, and poppies.

Pretty in Pink


For that added touch of femininity, go for striking blooms in pink hues. They’re totally catchy and pleasing to the eye. If you want to go for a bouquet like this one, I suggest using pink colored blooms like peonies, cherry blossoms, and roses.

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