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Charlotte is a former actor turned motivational speaker. She has performed at the Vaudeville, Apollo and the National Theatres as well as writing and performing her own stand-up comedy. Now an author, speaker and coach, Charlotte draws on her story-telling abilities and her own journey to help inspire others to reach their potential and live their dream life.

Tell us about your journey so far?

To go to drama school was a dream in itself and I loved it. However, graduation was like being dropped from a big height. I suddenly found myself out in the big world with no agent, no contacts and no clue. It was pretty devastating but the determination to break through led to me on a journey of personal development. Taking that journey, and finally succeeding has enabled me to do what I do now.

Charlotte Thornton (Mrs Bradman), Blithe Spirit at the Apollo Theatre, London, England on 9th March 2011. Photo credit  Dan Wooller/

What do you do now there seem to be so many facets of it?

Yes, there are, and I love that variety. I mentor other actors, helping them to avoid some of the mistakes I made. I run workshops on confidence, public speaking and goal achievement. I also give motivational talks, which I love, because I get to combine the coaching with my own brand of humour and performance!

You’ve got a few talks coming up, tell us about those?

I am speaking at a positivity event called Magical, in August, which is a new event for anyone interested in getting the most out of their life and giving back to the world too. Two things, which I believe, are totally connected. I am also launching my own event called Juiced, which is specifically for actors.

Tell us about Juiced, what are your hopes for it?

Actors, like other solopreneurs can feel very isolated and alone. My hopes for Juiced is to create an inspirational event where actors can come together to get motivated, inspired and stay juiced up about their careers. Each month will cover a different topic, with live Q&A and examples from my own experience as an actor, agent and mentor.

charlotte-thornton-talent-isnt-enoughTell us about your book, Talent isn’t Enough?

Talent isn’t Enough, is a book of strategies for actors to help them gain understanding of the industry, how to run their business as a business and ultimately, to find control in what can feel like a disempowering situation. Writing the book was a way to make sense of my journey and make it useful for someone else. It’s the book I wish I’d had when I graduated and hit that brick wall.

So how did you turn things around for yourself?

I decided that if it was about being in the right time at the right place. I would change the only one of those I could and I went out to LA. There I found a career coach specifically for actors and she changed my approach. That led to me getting an agent, finally, and then a career in the West End. We can do so much alone, but with a coach we can propel ourselves even further to reach our true potential.

What advice can you give someone who is lacking motivation?

Sometimes a lack of motivation means we are chasing the wrong goal. Perhaps it’s the goal we think we should achieve for others, but we’re actually not that passionate about it. If the goal is right, then it is the motivation that is wrong. Thinking how otherpeople will benefit from us achieving something is usually a far stronger motivator than simply trying to be successful for ourselves.

What are your hopes for the future?

Well someone said I was like a female Tony Robbins. Now, that would be pretty cool.

Juiced: June is on 13thJune at the Landor Space in Clapham.

For more tickets, more info or to contact Charlotte her website is

Interviewed by Claire Brownlee

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