Chicks Chat Beauty with….. Michelle Gayle

Chicks Chat Beauty with…..

Michelle Gayle, recording artist, singer/songwriter, actress, presenter and author! Michelle came into the public eye as an actress at a very young age, where she has remained ever since. With many roles on the stage, film and TV including Hattie Tavernier in EastEnders, Beauty and the Beast, Joy Division, Wolfblood to name but a few. As a recording artist she had hits with: Do you know, Happy just to be with you and who can forget Sweetness…. I know that’s certainly my weakness!! Michelle turned author and has written and published four Novels. She is one busy Chick! We at Those London Chicks are pleased as punch that the multi-tasking mum of two Michelle Gayle took the time out to chat all things beauty with us.

Michelle-Gayle-Michelle-Gayle-435225Michelle, you’ve been in the “business” for over 30 years, you look practically the same…. Your skin doesn’t seem to age, flawless! What does your skincare routine entail?

Thanks for that. I don’t smoke, I’ve read that helps a person’s skin. Apart from that I never wash my face with soap, just water and I swap between Creme de la Mer and Guinot Beaute Neuve moisturiser. And I tried not to wear make-up unless I have a meeting or on a night out.

Has your regime changed over the years, if so how?

I think I was much more fussy when I was younger with cleansing, toning and moisturising. Water seems to work just as well. Especially drinking loads of water.

Do you have any can’t leave without beauty products?

Lip balm. I hate having dry lips.

Who are your beauty inspirations and why?

I love seeing older women, like Helen Mirren, who look good without looking like they have had loads of surgery

Having a long career in the glare of the medias spotlight, do you feel the pressure to ‘look a particular way’ has worsened over the years, if so, how?

I definitely think it’s much worse now than when I was making music. Everyone has a phone and can take a picture of of you looking very different to your public image. I certainly look nothing like my album covers in real life!

Michelle+Gayle+MTV+Staying+Alive+Foundation+2IctiYbGO-LlWhat advice would you give to a young up and coming artist on how to deal with that pressure?

I think they have to let go – there’s no way you can look perfect all the time so don’t even try.

What are your “go-to” looks for date night, a special occasion or a red carpet? 

Red lipstick. I just think it makes everyone look glam.

Have you had any beauty, hair or makeup disasters you care to share….. pray tell?

Loads. I once tried a perm that made my hair fall out. To be honest, the hairdresser was even more upset than me. I had to give her a hug.

What is the most valuable piece of beauty advice you swear by, that you would like to pass on to our readers?

There will always be someone more beautiful than you so work on being the most interesting.

Finally, what does ‘beauty’ mean to you?

Beauty to me means confidence in who you are.

Thank you so much Michelle
Interview by Karen Bryson xx
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