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Egypt singer/songwriter of Dance Music whose hits  include ‘In the Morning’ and now brand new single ‘Changes’. As a singer she is used to the glare of the spotlight and no stranger to the industry’s scrutiny. We at Those London Chicks caught up with Egypt to find out about the beauty secrets that keep her looking gorgeous.

We at Those London Chicks are fans of your fabulous flawless skin. What is your skincare routine?

My skin care routine: I wash my face with Garnier Pure wash morning & night. I exfoliate my skin with Origins Never A Dull Moment then I use Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask twice a week! I cream my skin with Olay Double action for sensitive skin morning & night. I use bio oil when my skin needs a pick me up.

What are your favourite brands that create really great makeup for darker skin tones and why?

I use Mac NC45 Studio fix Liquid & powder for a flawless finish. I also use their blushers aswell as Bobbi Brown & Nars. I feel it gives my skin a professional look & finish that creates great photos for my work!

image3As a singer, you’re used to getting your hair and makeup done. What tips have you picked up from makeup artists and hairstylists over the years?

I have had the experience of working with many different types of makeup artists & each one has there own unique way of doing my makeup. I always ask whats new in the market & what will work on my skin as I love to try out new looks. I have tried contouring but i’m not great at it, I tend to stick to the basics when i’m doing my own makeup.

Hair stylists – I love Lady J’s Real hair. Jennifer Is a fantastic hair stockist whom I get all types of hair from & the quality is fantastic I use it to give my natural hair a fuller look! Being natural is a lot harder to maintain especially when the hairdresser blows out my hair with the blow dryer & straighteners. They use minimal products as my hair swells in the humidity: Heat protectant Kerastase & Sesame Oil which works great for my hair!

Have you had any hair, makeup or beauty disasters…… go on, share?

Yes I have had hair disasters one incident comes to mind when a hairdresser put too much product in my hair and it ended up looking greasy which I was not happy about after 2 hours of blow drying.

Makeup disasters not many, only because my skin is super sensitive some products have bought me out in a rash.

Who would you say are your beauty influences and why?

JLO is definitely a makeup guru because her skin always looks flawless & Natural. Naomi Campbell has amazing skin & she never ages I want to find out her beauty secrets!

Being in the music industry do you think there is a pressure to look a certain way?

Some artists do get pressured into looking a certain way, but I’m not one of them.

You seem to be comfortable in your own skin, which is so great to see. Was that always the case or have you become more body confident through time?

I feel it is very important to be comfortable in your own skin because it is a tough business where everyone has an opinion & realistically your not going to be everyones cup of tea. So my advice is to love the skin you are in and be proud of how God made you!

What does beauty mean to you?

For me everyone goes through a time where they are insecure about their appearance & Its all to do with growing up. Once you find your self you realise it doesn’t even matter what a person looks like its more about the persons presence/aura & whats inside that counts.

Egypt’s video for her new single Changes:

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Thank you Egypt

Karen x

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