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Immodesty Blaize is best known as one of the top Burlesque performers globally. With a sparkling career spanning over 15 years she is one of the leading lights in bringing Burlesque back in vogue and making it a once again universally appreciated art form. She was crowned reigning Queen of Burlesque at The Las Vegas Hall of Fame. She is also a two time published author of ‘Tease: The Secrets of a Showgirl’ and ‘Ambition’ and producer of the film “Burlesque Undressed”, which screened at cinemas in over 30 countries. Immodesty is the epitome of vintage showgirl glamour, exuding poise, elegance and sexiness! We at Those London Chicks couldn’t be more excited to have a chat with Immodesty about all things beauty.

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You always look radiant with flawless skin. What is your skincare routine?

Thank you! Firstly, I don’t botox. I don’t really believe an absence of wrinkles disguises your age. I’m not saying never, just right now I’m fine with the odd line. That means I have to take care of my skin in other natural ways. I love REN products due to the quality of natural ingredients. They really give you balanced, flawless skin.If I’m in USA, Somme Institute gives the same results. I always have a bottle of rose water as a toner, old Italian style. I think Eva Fraser’s facial workout is genius if you have the time, keeps those cheekbones nice and high…just do it when no-one’s looking so people don’t think you’re crazy!

Do you have any “can’t live without’ beauty products that you use?

Rose water as a toner, and coconut oil to moisturise if my skin feels really dry. A good masque once a week like REN glycolactic renewal masque. Good clean food, minimum sugar, and being happy keeps skin glowing naturally so although they’re not ‘products’, I think they’re essential!

You’ve been in the business for years I’m sure there have been a fair few MUA’s you’ve worked with, who’ve helped you create your immaculate 50’s look. What makeup and hair tips have you picked up and adopted?

The importance of good base, which I learnt thanks to HD television (which picks up every flaw, and even worse, caked-on makeup). Shiseido gives a velvet natural flawless finish. Chanel Luminous and Armani are good alternatives, and they’re good in heat and humidity. Eyeshadow base like Mac Painterly is great if you like to blend.


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I also learnt to stick to what suits your character and your natural ‘look’. Some have features that can take being heavily made up, others are more striking with less makeup. I hid behind stage makeup for many years until I had the confidence to strip it back, and let my cheekbones do the talking. Glamour is not proportional to how much makeup you can fit on your face. Although obviously I still love a dramatic stage look for performing.

You share your time between London and Monaco, you’re also a bit of a ‘globe trotter” performing internationally. Does the travelling play havoc with your skin? If so, what are your tips for dealing with it?

Yes flights are pretty awful for skin, I just try to stay hydrated.

You recently got married, congratulations! You looked absolutely beautiful. How did you come up with your hair and make up looks for the wedding?

Thank you! I had 2 ceremonies, so the first look I took inspiration from my all time beauty idol, Sophia Loren and kept it ‘50s and very French-Italian. I stayed with my usual big hair, pinned up and Stephen Jones made me a net headpiece. For the cathedral, I kept my makeup but switched my hair to a more Maria Callas style. My gown,which I’d designed with Whitechapel Workhouse took in elements of my all-over-Europe heritage, and my style references mainly began with The Barefoot Contessa, and The Devil is a Woman. So I wanted equally strong, but very ‘me’ hair and makeup.

Are you good at applying your own make up?

I do my own makeup often for shoots, whether that makes me good at it I don’t know! But I’m lightning quick at liquid eyeliner and brows, I can get my look down super quickly. I even did my own makeup for my wedding.

Thank you so much Immodesty!

Interview by Karen Bryson xx

Part 2 of Chicks Chat Beauty with Immodesty Blaize next week!

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