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Kym Mazelle is an American born, London based singer of Soul, Pop Hi NRG and has been dubbed The 1st Lady of House Music. Her hits include ‘Love Me The Right Way’, “Missing You” with Soul II Soul and of course ‘Young Hearts Run Free’. With an illustrious career spanning nearly 30 years Kym is certainly no stranger to the glare of the media’s spotlight and it’s pressure. We at Those London Chicks are not only fans of her music but we think she always looks fantastic exuding an inner and outer confidence and beauty. We couldn’t be more excited to speak with Kym about all things beauty.

Kym, you always look incredibly radiant. What does your skincare routine entail?

“Thank you so much for the lovely introduction Miss Karen!”  I’ve learned to rest in between travelling and work. I have a healthy diet lots of water fruits and veg. I mix my skincare products. (not too much)

Has your skincare regime changed over the years, if so how?

Yes my regime has changed over the years, one constant is that I never ever go to bed with make-up on!!!  That is a big no-no.  One foundation was as a teen-ager my Mom did not allow us to wear make-up. She said there would plenty of time for that when I got older and she was right. I see so many young girls with make-up caked on their faces.  Not good for the skin.

What beauty products can’t you live without?

Estee Lauder

You travel a lot with your work, do you find the constant to-ing and fro-ing takes a toll on your skin?

Yes, absolutely again hydrating is the key I have my small travel essentials for my skin care. Now of course you have to purchase the small containers to transfer for carry on.

Throughout your career you have no doubt worked with many make-up artists and hairstylists. What tips have you picked up?

I have quite a few secrets, one I’ll share is I always try and bring my own foundation and crème

Being from the US where there is a huge variety of make-up, beauty and hair products available for women of colour. Do you stock up on products on your visits to America or do you think we in the UK have caught up?

Ahhhh!  a bit of both.  The UK has come a long way with products for various skin shades of black and brown etc. However sometimes they over charge here.

KMM and Stevie foto 2015 c. 2

Have you had any hair, beauty or makeup disasters…… go on share?

Oooo Karen I can’t believe you’ve asked me that. Oh yes, Once in the early days 90’s, I had a perm and the salon never use a neutralizing shampoo on my hair and it fell out!!

Being in the music business, do you feel a pressure to look a particular way, if so how do you deal with it?

Yes I do.  We are all under this scrutiny to sustain a brand image, younger, older etc. I have faith that I am projecting a healthy image of me and that my spirit shines through, a bad wardrobe day or a bad hair day.  That’s where I leave it.

Kym, you lost a lot of weight during your time on the TV programme Celebrity Fit Club. You look great, how have the kept the weight off?

Thank you, I enjoyed the show, it was a bit tough. My weigh yoyo’s depending on water weight, female stuff. I walk and swim. I know I’m a plus size girl, and I love my curves, just keeping me healthy and loving the woman I am.

Who are your beauty inspirations and why?

My beauty inspirations are women who maintain and sustain. Older women like Diahann Carroll, Bethann Hardison, of course the main lady my Mom strong and beautiful. Timeless.

Finally Kym, what does beauty mean to you?

To me beauty means strength, faith in God who protects and gives me my inner light & glow. Kindness, even when it’s not fair, wisdom and grace. When you put this in you can go anywhere.

Thank you so much Kym

Karen xx

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