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Tolula Adeyemi award winning style icon, model, actress and DJ. Scouted by the owner of Select at the age of 16 whilst shopping at Topshop. She has been the face of many brands and campaigns and has donned the pages of many magazines including, In-style, Teen Vogue to name but a few. But notably became known for being Vivien Westwood’s muse. Her career has taken her across the globe and she splits her time between the US and the UK. Tolula is certainly no stranger to being in the spotlight. Always looking picture perfect with her bold yet classic look. We at Those London Chicks are chuffed to speak with Tolula about all things beauty.

We at Those London Chicks think you always look radiant, what is your Skincare regime?

Thank you! I really believe in the classic: drinking as much water as much as possible each day. But all the things the beauty experts say, use a good SPF. I absolutely love the sun, but I have in the last few years started using a high factor SPF, especially when I am in the US. Even cold, cloudy days in the UK a 20+ for my skintone. I have spent some time in Tokyo and love the general Far Eastern skincare regime. I have got into the double cleansing face washing regime, using their cleansing oils, powders etc. I had very bad skin as a teen and through modelling I was lucky enough to be introduced to the latest high quality skin care products which helped. So I have always searched for the holy grail of skincare. I believe in double cleansing for my skin because of the cities I live in. Including Los Angeles which is famous for it’s smog. And also to remove event or photoshoot make-up. A face wash and a scrub, or a cleansing oil and then a face wash. All gentle stuff. Then the best toner you can afford to buy. Moisturiser wise, I think natural is always best. Some of these expensive creams still have unholy chemicals that result in counter-productive results and then you feel you have to keep using them. But a lot of the big beauty companies have wised up, so check the labels!

Has your routine changed over the years, if so how?

I have had to be more meticulous and also I am not 16 anymore! As I mentioned I have started implimenting the double cleansing method: Here is a quick rundown – start with a cleansing oil, cleansing powder, milk or cream, which usually starts with a dry face and hands for it to be effective. (I usually use wipes beforehand if I have make-up on). Then secondly use a facial soap or non-soap based natural wash that is suitable for your skin and really lather up. But rinsing properly is also important, in lukewarm water. Then followed by a toner. Or you can just Google “Double Cleansing”!

Having worked with many make up artists throughout your career, what are some of the most invaluable tips you’ve picked up and use?

I learnt to use brushes for different parts of the face, especially eyes, gives a more professional look. Although fingertips are great for blending and certain make-up like lip and cheek stains, Being a person who had very bad skin as a teen, I was advised to keep brushes clean. Also good makeup artists keep everything clean and cleanse between clients, models etc. Also makeup expires don’t forget, if that mascara doesn’t pop when you pull out the brush, then bin it! Also liquid makeup doesn’t last forever. I might have to keep my eyeshadows though…

But really, I prefer wearing no make-up if I don’t have to or minimal. Giving your skin a break for a couple of days is also beneficial.


Shoot for XO Magazine. Photo credit : Anna Mitchell
Shoot for XO Magazine. Photo credit : Anna Mitchell

Also makeup artists secret I learnt when I started modelling, although don’t think there are anymore secrets with all these tutorials around – that a lot of the regular products found in French Pharmacies are just as effective more or less as expensive branded beauty products. That they often share same laboratories or/and in the same regions. A lot of the cleansing waters that are now very popular, makeup artists have used for years. Also if you are on a budget a lot of things can be subsituted. Like Vaseline is great for highlighting and glow effect – Vaseline mixed with your favourite bronzer, eyeshadow etc. And applied where you want a highlighter look. Also a toothbrush to get rid of dry lips, for a smooth base for a red pout. Wow maybe I should go into beauty – I love products!!

Are good at applying your own make up?

I can do my lips and skin really well. When I was a teenager I constantly wore electric blue eyeliner flicks. So I am good at that!

Are there any makeup, hair or beauty goodies that you ‘couldn’t possibly live without’?

Anything moisturising – lipbalm, handcream, tinted moisturiser with SPF. Extra Virgin raw coconut oil, mixed with any kind of nourishing oil, Argan etc – makes an excellent deeply moisturising balm for hair, skin, nails everything! Coconut is wonderful to cook with too. Also an eyebrow brush, I hardly ever pluck my brows. I probably should more often. Although I had a makeup artist once massacre my eyebrows behind my back and I cried into the mirror, so I never pluck!

Have you had any hair or make up disasters? Pray tell?

Please see above


Do you have a ‘go-to’ makeup look for a Red Carpet, Fashion Show, Premier or any other special occasion?

I usually like to light up my eyes so I like a iridiscent shades of golds. pearl in the inner corners or running alongside a smokey eye or liner to give that wide awake look. Especially if I have had a hectic working week, which is pretty much every week, so it’s non-stop during those important times like award season, premieres etc so I’m usually flat-out and need a visual pick-me up. I adore a red lip. But I love an over all natural look for other times.

You spend a lot of time in LA do you feel there is more of a media pressure to look ‘perfect’ compared to in the UK, if so how do these expectations differ?

Yes, I think there is definitely more pressure to look more completely groomed and styled. Have you walked around West Hollywood, so many beautiful people! The industries in LA attract all the beautiful people, or you can buy “beautiful” if you like as well…but that’s another story…

Tolula06There is a pressure, but I think it is easy to follow a healthy fitness and beauty regime in LA because everything is readily available and accessible for everyone, plus everyone is doing it, so it’s easier. The sunshine is a huge help!

But you are expected to attend an event with a certain level of grooming. Saying that, guys can turn up in a t-shirt to certain events, so there is that relaxed Californian style there too, but it is still a sunkissed, groomed and healthy look. Or say a rock chic look as well. I really discovered many layers to the style here in LA and have come to love it. It is not as easily defineable as say New York, Brooklyn, London etc. The typical Hollywood red carpets are a polished look. However there is also a sense of “anything goes” at certain events in LA as well.

Who are your beauty inspirations and why? 

I love looking at the past for inspiration, the past 100 years. Things go in cycles – although I have skipped this 90s makeup revival, as it’s not for me. – but I love the fashion. Although I love the make-up and styling from the film Last Days of Disco, starring Chloe Sevigny, the world on the tail end of the 70s into the 80s. I look to iconic figures who inspire me creatively, that I look up to and for beauty inspirations such as Josephine Baker, Edie Sedgewick, Prince, Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O, David Bowie, Elizabeth Taylor. I studied art, as well as drama and so I feel I am quite visual so I love to look at art works for inspiration. One of my favourite pieces is International Klein Blue, invented by artist Yves Klein – a certain beautiful shade of blue that can pretty be applied to anything – shape or form. I really like that idea. It’s a wonderful shade of blue. Maybe it reminds me of my teen my make-up experimental phase.

Shoot for Institue Magazine. Photo credit: Lara Jade



What does ‘beauty’ mean to you?

This may sound cliche or cheesy, but I really do believe beauty comes from the inside. I stand by this. It is undefinable in my eyes. It’s like that intangible thing called chemistry, between two people. When you just fancy someone you just do!

I feel beauty is similar to that too. It can be as mysterious. Scientiest say it is geometry, symetrical faces etc. But sometimes when you see someone, a man or woman or baby, a sunset, a piece of art, a field of flowers… something just makes you stop and look in awe and wonder.

Thank you Tolula

Interview by Karen Bryson xx

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