Chicks Chat Career with… Meet the Masons Photography

Chicks Chat Career with…

Maruška and Donna-Marie Mason. The new Chicks on the block, these incredible women are a photographic duo with a difference. From two contrasting professional backgrounds have teamed up to form Meet the Masons Photography. With some gorgeous portfolio shoots under their belt, they are going from strength to strength. We at Those London Chicks are delighted they took the time out between bookings to chat with us.

How would you describe your brand?

Our brand is like us – strong, elegant and very much a safe place where our clients feel comfortable in being themselves.

Actress Amanda Mealing

What, would you say sets you aside from other “photographic packages”?

Maruška and I find it easy meeting people, we love getting to know people and this is one of the unique aspects we bring to the table. We have time for our clients we want them to feel empowered, strong, yet elegant and beautiful. We feel inspired by their stories and why they want to be photographed. We feel we have a unique edge about us and our clients trust us. We have a face to face consultation before the shoot where we discuss the brief, our ideas and any questions our clients have. We also go through the stages of the shoot, so our clients know exactly what to expect on the day. I enjoy bringing my expertise from Costume Design and Styling to our clients, which is why our packages include styling.  We also offer branding advice and a personal re-branding service, where Maruška’s experience as a Managing Director in advertising comes into play. We are more than a photography service – we take clients to the next level and tailor our creativity around their specific needs. We guide our clients throughout the process and allow them to be photographed and shown in a way they’ve never been captured before.

…once we decided to commit to our dream, reality kicked in.

You have been together for a long time. What made you decide to put your talents together and form Meet the Masons Photography?

Yes, we have been together for almost 10 years, and through-out that time we have always had a love of photography, we are both naturally creative, and have a good eye, we love to travel and are constantly taking photos of people & landscapes. This is our passion and merging this with both of our backgounds seemed to be a perfect formula for our business.

Did you have doubts or fears, if so what were they and how did you overcome them?

Oh Definitely, once we decided to commit to our dream, reality kicked in.

We are both at the top of our game, Maruška in advertising and I in TV & Film. But running your own business is almost like starting from scratch – we had the passion and drive to create something of our own however it was a scary, yet an exciting time. There was a saying we kept seeing at the time: ‘What if I fail, Oh my darling what if you fly?’… And we decided to fly.

Actor Nicholas Pinnock

Statistics show women are more than capable of start-ups and succeeding, but don’t through fear. What advice would you give to new or ‘would-be’ female entrepreneurs?

My advice would be, in a world where in some parts the women are seen and treated as second class citizens, and live in real fear in their everyday life.  We the women who are free, owe it to ourselves to enjoy every aspect of our lives and let go of the fear of our mind and keep growing. Starting your own business is very scary, however for me it has been so character building, and when you genuinely have a passion for something and that becomes your job, that is true happiness. I also do talks at schools about my/our journey. I see it as our responsibility to inspire the younger generation and show them that anything is possible if you put your time, energy and dedication towards it.

What is your business objectives for the next 5 years ?

Our business is still a baby but has grown so much quicker than we ever even hoped for. We are already growing the team however the main focus is to stay very personal and unique in what we do, we are both perfectionist so quality tailored around specific client needs is key for us. Branding is important element of our offering and we wish to expand this part of our service.

Donna-Marie Mason: Still I rise

You guys are fairly new, yet you seem to be taking the photography world by storm since your inception. Did you anticipate that?

Thank-you, it’s very nice of you to say so, and no, we didn’t anticipate such a welcoming response, we made a decision at the beginning to always stay true to ourselves and our art, and feel blessed that we are being appreciated for what we are creating within our love of photography.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of what you do?

We genuinely enjoy the whole process of what we do, it’s every thing, meeting the client, working on creative concepts, shopping for the client, dressing the client, the excitement of the shoot day Creative direction and guiding the client with-in the re-branding process. Always going that extra mile beyond the brief.

We love it all.

In 3 words how would describe Meet the Masons Photography?




Thank-you for having us!

Maruška & Donna-Marie Mason xx

Thank you so much for chatting with us xx

Interviewed by Karen Bryson

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