Chicks Chat Careers with… Sammm Agnew MUA


Chicks Chat Careers with…

Sammm Agnew, Makeup Artist Extraordinaire. Her work spans across the board. It includes make-up art for L’Oreal, and many other beauty and glam familiar names. She has worked extensively in film and music videos, noteably her favourite medium. With music videos she really gets to go wild! Working with people like Zayn Malik, Richard Hammond, Alice Cooper, The Kings of Leon, Hunter and the Bear, Turin Brakes, Orianthi; (Michael Jacksons guitarist, as well as members of pop bands, presenters, model and actors and actresses on  tv shows…the list goes on. We at Those London Chicks are so pleased Sammm has taken the time out to speak with us.

Had you always known you wanted to get into this field or had you other ambitions as a child?

I knew from an early age I wanted to go into makeup. My Dad inspired me to get making fake wounds and as a heavy weight boxer he found this most impressive! I loved the freedom a makeup and hair design can give you. I constantly tried making up my face over and over each night until it was good enough to actually leave the house in!

What was your journey after graduating from University of the arts – London College of Fashion?

I graduated from LCF in 2009 and since then I have worked across Film, Fashion, TV, Private bookings, Fashion, Music, Advertising, and everything else in between. I have always been freelance and love deciding the direction my life takes I wouldnt have it any other way.

You offer hairstyling, airbrushing, body painting, SFX, props, prosthetics which is your favourite of these disciplines and why?

I love them all! It’s the variation that is so much fun, it keeps me learning and finding out about new materials as well as meeting new people constantly. I can blend and paint for ages that comes very naturally to me, finishing a piece of art perfectly brings me great joy.

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You have taken the ‘art’ in makeup artistry to a whole other level, with you also specialising in body painting and fantasy prosthetics designs. I must say it’s all pretty incredible!! Was that your intention from the off?

It really matches my personality my inclination has always been to push designs further to acheive a sense of drama, confidence and fierce attitude in whatever I create. The more the better really!

Which brings me to my next point. You have an exhibition of your abstract art coming up. Tell us about that?

I am so excited to tell you about my brand new exhibition coming out entitled PHANTASMAGORIA it will run for one month at Blend on Green lanes, nearest tube Turnpike lane. It starts on thursday June 8th do pop by for the opening night! It is my second exhibition of my paintings, the last one was in stoke newington at Haunt Gallery Nov-Dec 2016 and was such a hit I sold out of all my largescale paintings I couldn’t believe it! It was certainly the sign I needed to keep going with this new medium that I was cultivating-painting on canvas and not just the body and face!


Who or what are your inspirations as an Artist and why?

I take inspiration from my vivid imagination. I have always experienced VERY intense dreams, nightmares, lucid dreams, sleep paralysis and I feel emotions very strongly with a strong empathic inclination. I see colours and shapes in everything and my painting is my actions of trying to convey that to my audience. I absolutely LOVE to hear what people see when they view my art! Often, what the viewer feels is exactly as intended it’s quite something!

You are a freelance MUA , jumping from varied gig to gig. What is the process for finding work?

I have worked as a makeup artist for 12 years and I have no intention of giving it up any time soon. I love a good chat and that has served me well! before facebook was prevalent it was through word of mouth but social networking platforms have definitely made meeting new people easier as well as recommending others and finding new makeup team members and presenting your work too!

Finally, what advice would you give to an aspiring, qualified MUA wanting to break into the business?

We didn’t have Youtube tutorials on everything when I started, but now there is of course a wealth of information at your fingertips. My tips are diversify as much as possible! If you can cut, dye and style hair as well as doing makeup, beauty, glam, bodypainting and SFX, prosthetics then you will never be out of work. Your skills will always be required. It is important to be a team player, remember that its not all about you. Be prepared to give a little extra effort for your associates and you have the beginning of an inspiring and creative working alliance and network.

Thank you Samm x

Interviewed by Karen Bryson

Samm Agnew Art Exhibition PHANTASMAGORIA. Her work is a mixture of abstract expressionism andd surreal physical happenings with the mental perspective. On from 8th June- 7th July at Blend. Turnpike Lane N8 0RA. Nearest Tube: Turnpike Lane on the Piccadilly Line

Opening Party 6-11pm on 8th June

All Art is available for sale!

For bookings visit:





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