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Chicks Chat Career with…

Sadia Sisay CEO of the gorgeous lingerie brand beingU. In August 2011, beingU she won two prestigious business awards for the start up concept: PRECIOUS Business of the Year 2011 and PRECIOUS Entrepreneur of the Year 2011. You will be able to get your hands on these gorgeous under garments! The much anticipated range launched this month! Yay to that!! She certainly has the ethos of what we at Those London Chicks hold dear… no matter what you go through “you can achieve anything if you commit to your dream”. We are so pleased Sadia has taken the time out of her busy schedule to chat with us.  We find out a little about the Chick behind the brand… beingU.

You trained as a cancer nurse, had a career in the pharmaceutical industry, before leaving and starting beingU. What made to decide to start your own business?

When I left my job, it was not this great planned event. I had been unhappy for a while and I resigned at the point I could not see a future for me anymore in my organisation no matter how hard I tried!

The fact that I went in lingerie is a different reason altogether!

sadia-sisay-ceo-founder-beingu-lingerie-interview-thoselondonchicksIt’s a very different field, what was your inspiration?

Simply my daughter. I could not sit back and let her experience a black young woman be the same as mine. We are always taught that it should be slightly better for the next generation are we not? So in my small way I am doing that for her and hopefully other young women across all walks of life.

You’ve faced some challenges along the way in terms of Launching beingU with the sudden death of your husband in 2014. What do you think he say if he could see you now?

Complain about how much of a mess I am leaving the place in! In last few weeks it has been mayhem with boxes arriving printing taking place and he was the tidiest person I know.

He would be happy that his daughter had inspired such a brand and done his little smile and given us both a thumbs up. Then we knew he was happy with something.

Did you ever feel like giving up on your dream?

Everyday there was a few seconds I would question what I was doing. Even now on the outside it appears great but the work gets harder. Making sure we are successful.

What was your process to persevere?

18 months ago, I took on a life coach. I was trying hard but I knew I was failing to keep seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So I gambled. I used money I really could not afford and got myself a life coach! That was best thing I ever did.

beingU caters for women of all skin tones (with a strong focus on black women and women of colour) but also providing for a wide variety of sizes. It feels like a celebration of the uniqueness of the female form. Was that what you’d set out to achieve? 

I feel that the discussion has always been on the table but it dies down as soon as it has made the headlines. We all know how hard it is to stay on one topic for long. To me ,I have always been fascinated at how many women still have problems with lingerie and fit. For something that is one of the most basic need in our fashion everyday we still cannot find the right bra at the drop of a hat! So yes in answer to your question. We celebrate the female form and just wait to see how much we celebrate it over the months and years!

I for one, am so excited for this brand. It’s a welcomed breath of fresh air! I can remember as a young actor I did a theatre show, and the costume designer said “here’s some flesh coloured underwear.” I thought, whose flesh, not mine! During your research, did others feel the same? What were your findings?

Same thing happened to me when a friend and I went shopping!! We were both given the same flesh coloured bra without a blink of an eye. It did not even register to the sales assistant! Which brings me back to my core point if you are not even visible, seen, considered… can it ever change? So we are excited that maybe one day you will ask for the same thing and you will get a beingU solution handed to you or even better you may be wearing your own!

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Tell us a bit about the three gorgeous ranges?

The debut beingU collection has three lingerie ranges:

  • Kobicha is a high shine mesh collection featuring a three piece structured bra and high waisted brief.
  • Yendi is made from the softest microfibre, a moulded bra with padded, shaped straps and perfectly proportioned boyshorts.
  • Rosa is a lightly lined bra with a deep V neckline, made from mesh and our bespoke embroidery, and worn with a high waisted thong.
  •  We also have a solutions offer, stick on bras, enhancers and nipple covers in the signature skin tones.
  • Sizes – Bra back sizes up to 44 and cup up to H

Finally, what are your goals for your brand beingU?

That we become a financially successful brand because we fulfil a much-needed space in this massive lingerie market.

Thank you for your time!

Thank you Sadia
Interview by Karen Bryson

Visit the beingU website to view and purchase the range of gorgeous lingerie.

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