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Chicks Chats with…

Charlotte Regan one of the fabulous female filmmakers who has two films shortlisted for this year’s Triforce Short Film Festival held at Bafta on 2nd December. This year’s festival saw a 53% admission rate from women. Yay!! We are pleased as punch we had the opportunity to speak to Charlotte discusses her inspirations and films.

Firstly, congratulations on having your films shortlisted at TFSFF, your films were among hundreds that were entered. What inspired you to make them?

Thankyou! It’s amazing to be amongst such great films, really surprised we got in. Fry-Up and Cleared both kind of stemmed from the same place of inspiration, I’d had quite a few friends and family in and out of prison and had seen how it effected not just them but the people around them, often they come out a completely different person. In school or amongst friends from different walks of life when I mentioned family I had in prison it was often met with a kind of awkward judgement, I just wanted to try and help people who haven’t experienced this get a little bit of insight into what it does to a family.

Tell us a little about your films?

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Fry-Up is about a families last day together, it’s their son’s sentencing court case and we see how both the mum and dad struggle to communicate with him, unsure how to deal with it and whether they should be realists and prepare for the worst or offer empty words of hopefully encouragement.

Cleared is an experimental film where we hear the phone calls of a prison and his 3 closest contacts, it’s about people slowly drifting away from you and carrying on with their own lives.

The Film industry is notoriously hard to break into. What has been your journey to get to this point?

I started in music videos and I’m so grateful to have done so, it’s a different type of process but is very fast paced and you get to meet and work with such a massive variety of people and I think that helps when it comes to working with actors and crew in :ilm.

Name your top three directors and why?

Dexter Fletcher, Hope Dickson Leach and Guy Richie at the moment! I love gritty British :ilms, Hope’s feature the Levelling was a massive inspiration as is she as a person, Dexter and Guy make the type of gritty British films I love but with elements of comedy, their films are ones I can watch and see characters I know or have met, ‘Wild Bill’ is a film I watch before most of my shoots, just as everything about it really inspires me.

There is a clear gender imbalance in the UK’s film industry. Data (*from reveals that only 4.5% of all films were directed by women. Why do you think this is the case?

I really hope it’s improving but I’m not really in a position to know for sure whether it is or not, I’m still very much on the outside of the industry working my way in. Everyone has a story to tell no matter their gender, class or background so I hope eventually the industry and the :ilms being produced is a representation of that.

Does it sometimes feel like an upward challenge because of your gender? If so how have you overcome that?

To be honest I’m yet to openly experience any problems because of my gender, if I’ve been refused projects because of my gender I really wouldn’t know as it’s not something people would say, sometimes I feel a massive difference in class on :ilm sets, opportunities are often unpaid so it’s hard for people who are working class to gain that necessary experience. I think diversity in :ilm is not just a gender speci:ic problem, I think we all need to work towards a more diverse industry whether that be class, gender, ethnicity etc.

As with any independent filmmaker, there is always an issue with getting the film financed. How did you find funding?

With Fry-Up two great production companies came onboard Catsnake and xFilm but the project was still relatively low budget as our crew were incredible and came onboard for free. Similarly with Cleared it was a £500 budget funded by Talkies, as it was an experimental piece we managed to keep costs very low.

What are your hopes for the future of your films?

I just hope people enjoy them or an aspect of them but if not I hope I can keep improving with each short I make and hopefully keep learning more.

Thank you so much Charlotte… Wishing all the best!

Interviewed by Karen Bryson

Take a look at a Teaser for Fry Up

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