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Chicks Chat with…

Chizzy Akudolu Actor, Writer, Film Maker, Host and one of our favourite Chicks. She is no stranger to a Chicks Chat read her previous chat HERE. After playing Mo Effanga in BBC’s Holby City for five years. We at Those London Chicks were over the moon we to catch up with Chizzy again!

What was your most memorable moment on the show… it can be more than one?

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OK, I’m glad I have permission to name more than one, coz there are loads!! If I had to narrow it down though, I would say my two births are particular highlights. With the first one, I didn’t know what to expect. It was surreal. Basically, all the make up came off and my hair was a mess!! Face dripping with sweat. As Actresses we always want to look pretty, but if the make up team had gone down that route, the birth wouldn’t have looked authentic. Both births were a physical workout I can tell you. I also loved the Effanga wedding as we got to dress up in Nigerian attire and dance to Cameo’s ‘Candy. First time on the BBC me thinks…

Mo was such positive character on prime-time TV. Her presence helped towards de-bunking a lot of negative stereotypes that exist about women of colour. What would you say were Mo’s finest “kick ass” scenes?

Aside from the birth scenes, I loved the episodes where Mo was strong and in charge on the outside, but buckling emotionally on the inside. Mo was very much a character who just got on with things, sort of a ‘Keep Calm and Carry on’ attitude. This was especially evident when her Sister, Adele was attacked and ended up in a coma. Mo realised she had to be strong for her Mother. Also, finding out that her real birth Mother had died when she was 2 years old was a massive kick in the teeth. Mo broke down then wiped away the tears and carried on, the only was she knew how. I loved that about her, her strength.

Ok Chizzy seeing as we’re having an informal chat. Are there any hilarious off-camera or on camera moments you can tell us tell us about…any corpsing (*actor speak for having an unscripted fit of laughter.) Go on pray tell?

Haha, there were a lot of these moments with Petra Letang, who played Adele. If one of us said a line wrong, or tripped or made even the remotest, weird noise, that would be it. We would be in fits. Then of course, you go for another take and at that exact same moment we’d laugh again. There was another time when I went to sit down and the chair moved (it was on wheels) and I ended up on the floor. One of the moments where you laugh off the pain, coz everyone else is laughing. Oh, and there was the time I went in to kiss Ben Hull (Mr Thompson) and burped…gross!! I laughed.

Photo Credit: Meet The Masons Photography

Your final episode was certainly a tear jerker. What was your last day like?

I cried, a lot. I cried in make up, I cried when I was given a present from one of my favourite AD’s, I cried during rehearsal and I cried at the end of the scene. It was an emotional day, but oh so beautiful. I got to go round to see the guys in the post room, the Security, the Bar. All the lovely people who keep the Studios going. It really is a gorgeous place to work.

I know you personally Chizzy and I have to say you are blooming hilarious…you always have the glint in your eyes. Your comic timing is on point. You injected that same humour in playing Mo. Intentional?

Why thank you, Ma’am. You’re rather hilarious yourself. Let’s collaborate! Mo was always written as a warm character. I injected the humour and the writers ran with it. I love the fact that she could go from funny to serious in the space of a scene.

Since you hung up Mo’s scrubs for the last time, what have you been up to? I saw you in Triforce’s “Sorry I didn’t know that” on ITV2 as a panelist. You made me howl. Is that something you’d like to do more of in the future?

I’ve filmed a comedy pilot called ‘Once Loved’ with Joanna Lumley. Oh my gosh, she is a dream to work with, and a legend!! I also filmed an Episode of ‘Partners in Rhyme’, hosted by Len Goodman and Tracey Ullmans, ‘Tracey Breaks the News’. So, three legends in the space of a few months. More exciting stuff to come. I’d love to do more comedy, plus film. Really loved Line of Duty so if I got on that I’d be over the moon.

Finally, what’s next for you?

Wish I could say, but it’s hush hush at the mo, but trust me, it’s spectacular!

Thank you so much Chizzy!

Interviewed by Karen Bryson 

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