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Nick Ede, award winning public relations and brand consultant and TV presenter. He is the CEO of East of Eden and Eden Lifestyle PR.  He is known and respected as a philanthropist and charity activist. Some of his charity work include: Jeans for Genes, Balls to Cancer, Children in Need, Eva Longoria Foundation, MTV Staying Alive, Pink Ribbon Foundation, Global Gift Gala the list goes on…His Foundation is Style for Stroke: He is one of the hosts of a brand new TV dating show The Ultimate Matchmaker for W starting on the !5th August! He resides in London with his husband Andrew Naylor. We at Those London Chicks are so pleased Nick has taken the time out of his extremely busy schedule to speak with us.

You work closely and have done for years with The Stroke Association, you started the foundation Style for Stroke with the successful campaign ‘Style for Stroke’ in association with them. What made you decide to do that?

When I was 20 my Mother, Eleanor sadly passed away from a stroke. I had no idea what they were and I was so angry and frustrated that I was not educated on them or to know the devastating effects of them. I decided that I would make it my mission to educate people that stroke can effect anyone and its devastig for all involved. I decide to put on parties and called them A NIGHT WITH NICK they soon became calander events that a whole host of stars came to including Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Rowland and Jamie Oliver. As a natural progression I decided to create a fashion campaign called Style for Stroke which again became a celebrity favourite. This year Style For Stroke launches as a foundation and we will be partnering on a very cool fashion collaboration and also hosting a gala in London and then in other cities worldwide. Stroke is the biggest cause of disability in the world and no one talks about them… but I am.

You are an instrumental part of the Global Gift Galas as an Ambassador working with founder Maria Bravo and Ambassador Eva Longoria Bastón. The foundation has many celebrity supporters globally. For those who don’t know tell us about The Global Gift Foundation?

Nick Ede and Maria Bravo the founder of Global Gift Foundation

The Global Gift Foundation is a fiscally responsible organisation that raised money for charities all over the world. When I met Maria and Eva I instantly fell in love with them. Their passion and power to do good really does help make a difference and I have learned so much from them and their selflessness that I really owe setting up EastofEden London to their empowerment fo me to do good. Maria is the sister I never had she has a heart so big she is and will change the world many times over. I’m very proud to have them in my life as clients, friends and inspirations.

You are the Founder and CEO of East of Eden PR. Was your decision to start the company based on your nearly two decades of charity work and recognising a gap in the efficacy of the growing number charities?

I wanted to use my consumer knowledge and really make a difference giving charities the opportunity to create cool, sexy, educational and empowering campaigns but at a good price and the formula we have come up with does this. We also work with businesses on their CSR and help them come up with campaigns that not only drive messaging and noise but also make money too. Im all about the return of investment for all our clients. This year I have relaunched Eden Lifestyle the brand agency because I just can’t keep still and I love consumer brands so we are working with PRM Models, Truth Gym and many more and im loving that too.

“…to be true to myself and I hope that is something I have lived by.”

Who or what are your inspirations and why?

I am constantly inspired by people I meet and take from them nuggets that I hope will make me a better person. My friends are really amazing and constantly inspire me with their work and home lives.

You juggle so much and travel a lot. What do you do for you?

Me time is quite rare but when I have it you will find me watching a movie with my husband having a delicious glass or bottle of champagne. Or youll find me reading a book on a sun lounger or going for a long country walk too.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given that you “live by” that you want to share?

My mother before she passed away told me to be true to myself and I hope that is something I have lived by. To be honest the industry that I have been in and am in is full of people who pretend for a living and sometimes it’s hard to get to the truth of people and situations. But I think that I’ve been true all the way though. If I’ve hurt anyone or upset anyone, I’ve not meant it but at least I haven’t lied about it! So I will always keep that with me..

Amongst all the charity work you do with your company East of Eden and personally. You also are regular on our screens commenting on fashion, celebrity and style, you even write about it. When did your “passion for fashion” start and how has it evolved?

Nick Ede, Melissa Odabash and Andrew Naylor at The Scottish Fashion Awards in association with Maserati at Rosewood.

I went to Glasgow School of Art and studied textiles in my first year and loved it – I’ve always been a keen follower of fashion. When I got the judging role on Project Catwalk it was a dream come true and totally out of the blue and it really did change my career. I continue to comment of style and always will. I loved fashion police with Joan Rivers… I’m sure there’s a bit of her in me.

Style for Stroke Event

What has been your ‘crowning moment’ so far and why?

I think to have created Style for Stroke and spent 20 years voulanteering to make a difference in the name of stroke – it’s a big achievement and some years its been hard to maintain but I’ve accomplished that so that makes me very happy. When I get letters or emails from people thanking me then I know I’ve made a difference so that’s a feeling you can’t ever describe.

We can’t have this chat without mentioning your nuptials to Andrew Naylor. Congrats! Tell us about your big day(s)?

Ha Ha – go big or go home they say! To be honest it felt so natural for us to have 2 weddings one in London in Shoreditch where we live and the other in Los Angeles, a place we both love.  We had an intimate wedding at Hackney Town Hall followed by a dinner at Jones and Sons in Dalston. The flowers by Fulford Flowers were exquisite and the food very English but delicious. Brenda Edwards the west end star sang and Andrew and I both wore Duchamp Tux with the bridesmaids in Kolchagov Baba black lace gowns. It was all about the texture. The LA Wedding was bright and vivacious and it was hosted by my dear friend Miranda Barker the brains behind the brand Absolut Elyx. Miranda kindly hosted it at the private residence of Jonas Tahlin. It was straight out of a Hollywood movie with its fabulous pool and view over Los Angeles. Patsy Palmer who is one of my oldest friends married us and DJ’d and we really did have the time of our lives. The only regret… we never got to taste any of our wedding cakes!! Somehow we kept missing them…

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I am so happy that we are able to have our love recognised; Legally. It’s so upsetting to think there are many countries and also states in the USA where same sex marriage is illegal.
Marriage to me to the most important symbol of love and one day I’ll tell you our love story as it’s such a beautiful one. When we got married I cried so much it was very emotional. Andrew just stood there looking ultra handsome and I knew it was going to be the best day of my life. I wake up each morning happy, happy that I am with the perfect husband and happy that we are going to share some amazing adventures together.

If you could go back in time Nick and speak to your 16 year old self what would you say?

How long have you got! I think I’d tell myself to be more courageous. I have always been a big thinker but sometimes felt embarrassed to share them… oh and I would have told myself to buy shares in Apple!

Finally, we at Those London Chicks are all about positive thinking equals positive outcome (with some good old graft in between). What dream or ambition would you want to see come to fruition?

I totally agree. Okay so here are the things I want to happen. Appear in a west end play, produce a musical, have a chat show, open and fish and chip shop and live my life in the USA unless Trumps around…  so at least one of them had to come into fruition.

Thank you so much Nick!

Interviewed by Karen Bryson

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