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Review of Bloodline on Netflix

Florida Keys.  Check.  Sunshine, sand, beautiful seas…….check.  The most idyllic setting for any TV show? Again check.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well – quite a lot it would seem.


Part of a new series of Netflix originals, “Bloodline” created by Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Selman, the creators behind “Damages” have been able to create the most complex and full rounded of characters that even if you cannot identify with, you will know at least one.


This story is about family.  When we hear the word ‘family’ it evokes powerful responses from us all. Something that we can all relate to, whether we feel we have one or not, and “Bloodline” really takes the idea of family to it’s nth degree.Home to the Rayburns, an incredibly tight family, well respected within their community.  The husband and wife duo run an inn and throw a party to celebrate 45 years of hard work running the business, all family members are expected, although not all welcome.  A disastrous start serves as the catalyst to reopen old wounds.

Sam Shepard and Sissy Spacek
Sam Shepard and Sissy Spacek

The father Robert (Sam Shepherd)  feared, even worshipped to a degree by all the family, he ultimately holds the power. The mother (Sissy Spacek) a complicated, delicate but headstrong woman, tries very hard to love her children but doesn’t always make the right choices.

The eldest son Danny (Ben Mendelsohn) is the least dependable, the black sheep of the family who underneath it all seems as though he really does try,  if only his siblings would give him a chance…..he very quickly becomes the villain of the piece. John (Kyle Chandler) the second eldest is the dependable one, the hero, married to Diana (Jacinda Barrett) with their children Jane (Taylor Rouviere) and Ben (Brandon Larracuente) an honourable man, who does everything by the book despite his feelings but becomes compromised in the name of family.

Kevin (Norbet Leo Butz) the youngest of the boys is at a crossroads in his life, a failing business, a marriage to Belle (Katie Finneran) that is on the verge of collapse and a drinking habit, with partying ways of a man not willing to adult see’s Kevin in a really bad state. Meg (Linda Cardellini) could be a high flying lawyer, but instead chose to stay in Florida Keys and play the role of solicitor to the family. She is constant conflict, her head versus her heart, and is looking for something better but the blood running thicker than water mantra seems to dominate her every move.

Other characters include brother and sister, the O’Bannons,  Eric(Jamie McShane) and Chelsea (Chloe Sevigny) who both love and support Danny. They are very much feel outsiders themselves and can relate. With flashbacks to help the audience understand the back stories for each Rayburn, Bloodline is filled with various twists and turns that create a family drama, come thriller with darks secrets that bind, whilst simultaneously destroy the fabric of these people so desperately trying to be a family.

Bloodline series 2 is due for UK release next year.

By Chantelle Dusette


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