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Now even though Damages is not a new series it may be one that slipped through your net. I only personally discovered it by chance late at night on BBC2 of all channels around 11pm. It was when the captivating Glenn Close flicked across my screen that I gave this unknown show a go. Now this was quite a few years ago but I discovered it on Netflix so finally got to annihilate all 5 seasons and really understand what is going on.

It’s not one for those of you who like to wander in and out of the room. It does require paying attention to all the delicious details and hints and clues to each seasons case, enabling you to figure out  where, how and who dunnit! The timeline flicks from past to ryan-phillipe-rose-byrne-damages-tv-show-series-5present, revealing snippets of the horrors that await. Keeping you on tenter hooks and desperate for the next piece of the puzzle to be delivered. The different time lines are colour washed, making it easier to realise you are watching the future, present or past.

The storylines are based on real events and cases for example the first series is based on the 2001 Enron scandal and season 5 centres around a Julian Assange character, founder of WikiLeaks, played by Ryan Phillipe.

Glenn Close‘s performances are incredible. Playing the tyrant Lawyer Patty Hewes, Close shows us just how and why Patty is as successful as she is. Poker faced but with a myriad of emotions and thoughts bubbling inside her intense stare, Glenn Close, makes Patty Hewes unforgettable, loveable and hateable all with one look. Which is even more a testament to how great she is when you learn that the actors were only given the script a few hours before filming each scene. Glenn Close described this way of filming as “challenging, but a great exercise.”  glenn-close-actress-strong-tv-series-damages-suit-blue-blonde-hair

It is her relationship with the fresh young, just out of Law School, Ellen Parsons, played by Rose Byrne, that carries us through all 5 seasons. Ellen learns all she needs to know about being a cut throat Lawyer who wins cases. the question is, is winning all that matters to Ellen or not? Even if you struggle in season 3 which is where I lost a little interest, do persevere as in series 5 we welcome one of my favourite actors, John Hannah.

The series is littered with well known actors and great performances. I am not going to name them all so you can click this link to have a nosey! Now go and give it a go and let @ThoseLondonChicks know what you think!





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