How to Choose Glasses that Perfectly Fit You


How to Choose Glasses that Perfectly Fit You

Finding the right glasses can be a real nightmare. Trying on every last pair of glasses in the store will surely help you find your perfect pair, but who has the time and patience for that? With this guide, you will know exactly what shape and colour to look for, and you’ll finish your shopping in no time. Let’s have a look.

Determine your face shape

There are three main points you should consider when matching your glasses to your face: The frame shape is supposed to complement your face shape; it should bring out your best face features, and it should match your face in size. There are seven basic shapes of faces and each has its ideal type of glasses.


The easiest type of face to shop glasses for is probably the oval shaped one. It’s very balanced, and you want to keep that balance with frames that are as wide as (or wider than) the broadest part of your face. You can also opt for a walnut-shaped frame that is well balanced.

Base-Up triangle

If you have a face with a wide top and small bottom, then you have a base-up triangle face. To balance this face shape you want to minimise the wide top with frames that are a bit wider at the bottom. You can also look for light colours and materials, or check out some rimless frame styles.



A face that is longer than it is wide is called an oblong face. If you want to make an oblong face appear shorter, opt for frames that are taller and more circular. You can also look for frames that have decorative temples, which will make your face seem broader.


If you have a strong jaw line and a bigger forehead, then you have a square face. Many people with this face shape want to soften the edges and lengthen the face, and they can achieve that with narrow oval, rounded, or rectangular frames.


This rare face shape is characterised by a narrow eye line and jaw line, but broad cheekbones that give it that dramatic look. You can soften the cheekbones and emphasise the eyes with cat-eye shapes or rimless frames. You can also choose frames with some interesting details or a distinctive brow line.


A round face is very proportional and has no angles. If you want to make your round face seem longer and thinner, try rectangular eyeglass frames or frames with a contrasting bridge that will widen the eyes.

Base-Down triangle

A base-down triangular face is characterised by a wider cheek and chin area and a narrow forehead. If you want to put some emphasis on the narrow part of the face, opt for some cat-eye shapes or frames that have many details on the top half. You can also choose some bold colours for your frame.

If you find a professional and experienced optometrist, they will be able to help you determine your face shape and help you pick the perfect glasses for you.

How to choose the colour

The colour of your eyewear should complement your skin, hair and eye colour. Determine your undertones and if you have a “cool” complexion, eye and hair colour, then choose cool colours for your glasses. On the other hand, if your colour base is more “warm”, opt for warm colour frames.

Your personality and lifestyle

People will be able to tell a lot about you from your eyewear, so make sure to match it with your lifestyle and personality.

Now that you know the theory behind choosing the right glasses, go try some frames using what you’ve just learned, and soon you’ll find your perfect match.

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