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Looking for a special Christmas gift? Or something for yourself… you are allowed to treat yourself now and again. Well we have a treat for you; Artithings bags. We at Those London Chicks are always so pleased when we find a brand offering up unusual things. Artisan Jo Hurford makes these gorgeous bags, little pieces of art!! The work, care and love that goes into each piece is mind blowing!

Jo explains a little about the process.

“My bags are pieces of art which stand alone to be admired or can be used as handbags or beautiful boxes to store treasures.  In this age of austerity I thought itwas important that my art be sustainable and to that end I decided to re-use things that would otherwise be thrown away or put in the recycling.  The base of the bags are mostly made from recycled cigar boxes and the handles are often made from belts from charity shops or beads from broken necklaces.

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I use decoupage techniques to create collages of pictures from advertising leaflets that come through the door, magazines & newspapers, labels soaked from bottles, wrapping paper anything that looks pretty to me really.  I never ever photocopy or print things from the internet, that would be wrong.  I only use the original images from media I’ve purchased or been given outside the tube.

To give a 3-dimensional effect I often attach old brooches or earrings to the bags, just for fun.

I really enjoy meeting my customers so where possible I prefer to bring a selection of bags to peoples homes or offices for them to choose from rather than the impersonality of selling online. Also it is nicer for people to be able to see them from all angles because all 6 sides are different and also to get an idea of the size of the bag.

I hope my bags are loved and enjoyed and, if nothing else, they’ll act as a conversation starter to get people to engage with one another.”

To purchase one of these bags visit her online shop: Artithings

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