How to make • Raw Cacao and Coconut Oil Body Butter


How to make • Raw Cacao and Coconut Oil Body Butter

I simply LOVE this homemade Cacao Body Butter and it’s really simple to make!

I have been using shop bought coco butter for years. I’ve always enjoyed the smell, the level of moisture provided. It was only a few years ago I actually looked at the label after becoming more conscious about what I put onto my skin. HORROR!! A lot of the popular brands (most of which I would of tried) contain what I would consider “nasties”. So I sought about finding a more natural alternative. For a while I used pure Shea Butter which unfortunately proved difficult to apply, it’s solid. I then used Raw Organic Coconut Oil… fantastic for lots of reasons. The benefits to my skin, convenience etc. However I found in the UK climate it would be pretty solid. I missed the smell and consistency of coco butter… grrrrr!

nutriseed-raw-cacao-butter-thoselondonchicksThen I discovered a company called Nutriseed. A one-stop shop for all things healthy. As I looked through the huge variety of products on their website I came across Raw Cacao Butter…well I wasted no time and ordered a 250g bag. The butter comes in blocks.

I set about making my own body butter, melting Coconut Oil AND Cacao Butter. The  perfecting period began.  Through trial and error I realised by adding a liquid oil like Almond Oil or Vitamin E Oil and whipping the right consistency was achieved. I love the results and wanted to share this gorgeous recipe with you!

Ingredients                                                                raw-cacao-butter-organic-coconut-oil-ingredients-for-body-butter-thoselondonchicks

2-3 lumps of Raw Cacao Butter

2 tbsp of Raw Organic Coconut Oil

3 tbsp of a liquid oil of choice (I used Vitamin E)


Add all ingredients to a pan and start to melt on low heat. Mixing as it the oils liquify.

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Leave to cool down for a few of minutes. Add mixture to a tupperware with lid and put it in the freezer for 20 or so minutes. Then its ready to whisk. Use a spoon and stir up the mixture to warm it up a little. Then whisk until fluffy and creamy! Now it’s ready to decant into an airtight jar.  I love these jars from Ikea for under a pound.

I’m so pleased with the results, this is now my body moisturiser of choice. I recently had an excema flare up on my hands. Really unsightly dry, itchy patches that turned dark. It cleared up after ten days of regular use of this body butter! It works well now we are approaching Autumn and the colder months, where our skin tends to be dryer.

This gorgeous Body Butter makes a fantastic gift. I have long been making gift and I take it very seriously. So I’ve invested in some fairly inexpensive labels, ink and various rubber stamps with different messages. You can decorate your jars however you wish or simply add some string and a label!

I’ve just given my secrets away… but hey worth it if you actually give this a go. You will never buy Body Butter from the store again!




By Karen Bryson

Photos: Karen Bryson


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