Cold Buster Smoothie


Cold Buster Smoothie

….with Pear, Lemon, Ginger, Spinach and Flaxseeds

It’s that time of year when the ‘change of season’ colds start to take hold. With that, we are looking for healthy tasty ways to get over it …There are a number of factors that spread it, but once you’ve got it, you’ve pretty much got it! This Smoothie can help!

I know many people at the moment suffering with the dreaded “lurgy”. This is why I felt compelled to research and add this really simple “Cold Buster” to the Those London Chicks Smoothie repertoire. I’m certainly glad I did, as this delicious smoothie helped me with mine!!

If your cold is accompanied by a cough, it’s your body’s way of releasing unwanted toxins. Which is where I come onto the “hero” of this smoothie…the Pear!!

The good old Pear!

In many parts of East Asia the Pear is a coveted fruit to combat colds and coughs. Besides being an excellent source of vitamins such as C and K the Pear holds potent nutrients and minerals, along with cooling properties to help heal the common cold. The pears compounds energise the lungs, keeping the area moist and bacteria free. It can also help excrete mucus (sorry, I had to say it). Pear also adds a natural sweetness.

With the addition of Spinach (my favourite), this is a fabulous foundation to the smoothie as it has a milder flavour compared with it’s green counterparts (vegetables such as Kale). Not to mention it’s easier on the stomach. The flavour of this smoothie has a refreshing zing because of the inclusion of Lemon and Ginger.

This gorgeous smoothie is not only for when you’re feeling under the weather, it’s also a perfect mid afternoon pick me up snack!


Serves 1

1 Pear
1 cm cubed of grated Ginger
2 cups of Spinach
1 tablespoon of Ground Flaxseed
1 tablespoon of Lemon Juice


Chop and de-seed the Pear. Grate the 1cm cube of Ginger. Wash and dry the Spinach. Juice the lemon. Add all ingredients together including the Flaxseed and water to the blender. If using a NutriBullet add water to the maxline and blast! Simple.


Cold fighting smoothie

If you are using this recipe because you have a cold…..Get well soon!

By Karen Bryson

NB. I'm not a nutritionist, I just love researching and sharing my smoothie recipes with you all.
Photos: Karen Bryson


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