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karenybryson-editor-thoselondonchicksCo-founder and Editor. Award winning actress, producer and writer Karen Bryson and recently awarded MBE for her services to drama. She has worked across a wide range of visual media, mainly specialising in TV and Film. She’s probably best known for playing the “hard-living” matriarch Avril Powell, in Channel 4’s hit series Shameless. Her career has spanned over 20 years as an actress, but recently added Producer to the list. She says  “I will turn my hand to anything creative, as that’s what drives me. Writing, and Co-Creating this mag, is amongst one of the highlights. I’m incredibly inspired by all the amazing ‘Contributing Chicks’ and all I’ve interviewed.”  She is very much enthused by this thrilling  journey with Those London Chicks.

We are both working actress’ who met at a Vegan Skincare Photo shoot and were inspired by each others energy and kindness. After having been so used to catty bitchy experiences with women in our fields of work we rejoiced in the positivity and encouragement we noticed in each other and knew we had to build on it. Those London Chicks grew quickly and so naturally we knew what we were creating was right and just what Chica’s out there like us, needed!|Twitter:@Karen_Bryson|

Instagram:KarenBryson|Facebook:Karen Bryson

me blonde


Co-founder and site builder. Kate moved from Dancing for people like Kylie and the Temper Trap to modelling for well known brands; Loreal, Luella, Superdry to name but a few. Then focusing on her childhood dream of acting. She now owns and runs a production company in which she is able to make sure “everyday is different”. It is during editing her last feature film that she also built this very site.

Instagram:  MissBraithwaite| 


Rachel Bright

Rachel Bright

Hello all baking enthusiasts! Professionally, I’m an actress, but while I’m ‘resting’ I’m a ‘home baker’ (a term methinks Nigella would be happy with!) I also have my own blog ( which has a mixture of ‘indulgent’ recipes and ‘lighter’ bakes. Here, however, I want to concentrate on the ‘healthier’/alternative baking. I’m no baking professional, (however you want to class that…) and I often find some recipes overly complicated or with ingredients that I cant pronounce, let alone find in my local shop. (If I had time to travel for specific luxurious ingredients, I would, but we’re all busy these days..or occasionally lazy… #FirstWorldProblems) This became more evident when I wanted to bake myself healthy, find a healthier alternative, cut down on sugar/white flour/butter, however, I often couldn’t find (or afford!) these healthy alternative ingredients. So I thought I’d make my own recipes with ingredients that were readily available. (Well, they are in the London borough of Southwark anyway….) I hope you enjoy, Now, go scoff! X Twitter:                        @RachBright Website:             

Claire Bueno

Claire Bueno is a Presenter, media coach, producer, freelance journalist and editor.

Claire can be regularly seen reporting from the red carpet for movie channel Premiere Scene. As  a presenter and interviewer Claire has hosted BAFTA Academy Circle events, moderated Q&As for many reputable cinema chains including Curzon, The Everyman, Picturehouse Cinemas and  at the Apple Store, Regent Street. She has had the honour of interviewing high calibre artistes such as Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sigourney Weaver, Dame Helen Mirren, Andy Serkis and not forgetting our TLC editor Karen Bryson MBE!

As a media coach, Claire works with actors preparing them for the daunting task of confronting the press, which she finds incredibly rewarding.

She is the producer of Cleanin’ Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters, the definitive documentary charting the making of the 80s comedy Ghostbusters, starring Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and Harold Ramis.

Claire is also the editor of NetPIX.Online ( ) a website dedicated to reviewing film, TV shows and documentaries that are available via online streaming.

Casey Hill

Casey is a Writer, Actress, VoiceOver Artist, Hair & Makeup Artist, Swimming Coach, Mum…(the list goes on!) She was born in Australia but has lived in London so long that she would destroy you if you stood on the wrong side of the escalator. Casey is a real ‘tryer’ on social media (AKA she’s rubbish and has no followers) so if you can find it in your heart please add her. Twitter:                        @MsCaseyH Website:              Instagram:                   hillcasey


Chantelle Dusette

Chantelle is a Writer and Actress from London. She also DJ’s and manages a Fine Artist Twitter: @ChantelleDusett


Tonia Buxton

tonia-buxton-the-secret-of-spice-bookTonia is a celebrity cook, television presenter and food writer best known for her highly successful show My Greek Kitchen.The shows are aired on The Discovery Channels. On the show Tonia focuses on Greece’s and Cyprus’s culture and way of life, traveling around many of the islands and cities exploring the different food specialties of the islands, while cooking several Greek meals and meeting with the locals. She also introduces her family and what she loves best about Hellenic life. The series have been a global success shown in 30 territories globally, outside of Cyprus, she is the islands’ most well know promoter. Tonia is executive producer and creative director, as well as presenter for My Greek & Cypriot Kitchens, it was only due to her unrelenting tenacity that these series got made. Once made though they have been a total ratings success. As a follow up to My Greek Kitchen Tonia has recently completed filming of My Cypriot Kitchen. In addition to these shows she has also made a series on UK Food called Beauty and the Feast and is a regular on Market Kitchen, bringing a bit of Mediterranean spice to the English kitchen. She has also contributed many articles to leading culinary magazines. Other appearances include GMTV, The Wright Stuff, UK Food, UK Bright Ideas, Sky One and Discovery Travel & Living, as well as being the face of Channel Health. Of Greek-Cypriot descent, Tonia is passionate about the life, culture and history of the area and discovers all these elements in all her shows. With a classical history degree, she has also featured on many historical TV programmes, including The History Channel’s Life and Death in Rome. Tonia lives in London with her husband Paul and their four children; daughters Antigoni and Sophia and sons Zephyros and Zeno.

Claire Hastings

Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She has been writing as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat.

Twitter: @claireahastings

Gravatar: claireannehastings

Sarah Flower

Sarah Flower is a nutritionist and author of 15 recipe and health books. Sarah is also ambassador for Jamie Oliver Food Revolution and campaigner for healthy eating; teaching healthy eating education and cookery in schools as well as corporate businesses.

Website: Twitter:@MsSarahFlower


Nessa Wrafter

Nessa Wrafter

Nessa is an actress and Sky1 Continuity Announcer from Ireland, currently co-writing a feature film about female friendship. When she’s not getting mouthy about gender issues, she likes to spend her time making and doing…mostly, upcycling old bits of wood, trying out new recipes or taking her bicycle out to explore North London’s wealth of second hand shops. Website Instagram: @nessicawrabbit Pinterest:

Alexa Page

Having always had a passion for architecture and interior design and a desire to be creative in my work, I embarked upon an interior design degree at Middlesex University, and am happy to be graduating this summer! I completed a placement at a design studio (specialising in retail design) that has given me both valuable insight and practical industry experience. I have a great appreciation for contemporary design that is both beautiful and evocative, and am interested in the conceptual thinking behind these projects. As a contributor at Those London Chicks, I will be sharing with you my explorations of design in London, inspiring ideas, and my love of found things! Pinterest: apdesigntings Instagram: @alexapage

Catherine Lyn Scott

Girl About Town Catherine Lyn Scott is a journalist who has a zest for life and love for travel. She enjoys sharing exciting places to travel, eat and visit with you, as well as the latest beauty and lifestyle products.

Twitter: @catherinelyns

Cat Ferrier

Cat Ferrier

1.Cat is a professional dancer from Whitley Bay now living in sunny Los Angeles. She loves adventures, travel, yoga and snowboarding, can’t function (or be that nice) in the morning without a hot coffee and spends most weekends at boozy brunches with other Brits! 2.Me in five words? Make mistake, forgive myself, repeat. But really – Dancer, wannabe socialite, living and shopping in Los Angeles. I’m very lucky to have a career (more on this later) in dance, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do and my family has always been supportive and encouraging, can’t say the same for my awful high school ‘guidance counselor’ who told me not to put all my eggs in one basket yadda yadda yadda, long story short, I did that anyway and have been dancing from the North East, to London, to Europe and now I’m living in the Home of the Brave! Lots of amazing sights and hilarious escapades to tell you about from my adventures but right now I’m off to go take a hiphop class swiftly followed by a glass of red…                     



Charlotte George

Charlotte is professional makeup artist and hair stylist who freelances in TV, film, commercial, fashion and bridal. Having trained and worked with BAFTA and Oscar winning makeup artists, Charlotte has gained invaluable skills and experience. Charlotte’s portfolio captures every aspect of makeup artistry having worked with celebrities to real women, her work has been seen on BBC 1, SKY1, SKY Atlantic, FOX, ITV2, and Channel 4.
Her Calm and friendly approach makes women feel relaxed and assured that they are not only going to look great but understand the techniques and insider knowledge which will empower them to feel confident in recreating looks on themselves.
Makeup is not just a job to Charlotte, it is a passion so she considers herself extremely lucky to be doing what she loves the most.

Email: Twitter: @Charli_George 

Instagram: charlottegeorge_makeup

positivity-kuta-mentoringKaran Scott

Karan has been mentoring all her life; from supporting friends and family, to other children in the playground during her school days. It’s even been speculated upon that as an unfertilised ovum, the essence of Karan was thought to have navigated the aimless sperm to reach its goal, but this has not been scientifically proven. The trajectory of Karan’s career path as seen her orbit the customer services sector within the IT arena, complete a passing eclipse of Weetabix, before hurtling off into motorsport and event management – whilst also co-founding and managing an explosively successful family business for 20+ years. During this time, Karan also found time to launch two babies into the world, and is currently mentoring her daughter through SATS, and her son through his Year 1 summer concert extravaganza and latest karate grading. In January 2014, Karan launched KUTA Mentoring because…well, it seemed inevitable really. You see, Karan and an increasing number of her equally entrepreneurial friends, had been conducting fortnightly Kick Up The Arse sessions since 2010 with great success, so Karan decided to launch the KUTA small business support service officially, and blow it wide open to all entrepreneurs in the wider area. This has been incredibly well received, and there a large number of re-energised, empowered and highly motivated entrepreneurs now making great things happen within their businesses, thanks in part to being KUTA’d by Karan. Being of a spiritual persuasion, Karan also offers personal development mentoring to those individuals seeking it for i.e.: career guidance or personal goal attainment, whilst offering guided meditation and spiritual development classes for the esoterically minded. There are many levels of support and empowerment now available. You can have “Your daily KUTA…” via the KUTA Mentoring Facebook page, bite size tweets of empowerment via Twitter, Pinteresting stuff whenever you’re ready and motivational anthems and videos via the KUTA YouTube channel. You are never left to drift aimlessly once you’ve activated Karan from KUTA, so stand well back and hold on! Website: Twitter: K_ScottCoaching Email: 


Kirsten Kitchen 

I am a qualified Aromatherapist and member of IFPA (International federation for Professional Aromatherapists).
Essential oils have benefited me enormously over the years and I have shared many of their magical qualities with friends, family and clients.

We can all benefit from the wonderful healing qualities of essential oils in our hectic everyday lives.

Create the time to relax and rejuvenate with my therapeutic aromatherapy massage.
Enjoy my website and feel free to contact me with any queries or advice.
Yours in Health. Website: Facebook: Kirsten Kitchen Aromatherapy


bodypaint-illustrator-painter-artistSarah Smith

It is with huge thanks to Sarah that we have the logo we do! It is her illustration skills and patience that us Editors are now in mini form! So as you can see Sarah is a very skilled freelance illustrator and professional face and body artist!!  Twitter:                        @NettleBomb


…And our Honorary Chick: Cooper Klein

Is a cool dad in touch with his feminine side. He’s currently working from home as a blogger for SmoothDecorator and several other sites. You can find him on Twitter.