Corkers Crisps – a taste of the Mediterranean


Corkers Crisps.

It took about a second to say ‘Yes’ to reviewing Cambridgeshire’s family business Corker’s new range olive oil lighter crisp range. Made with Muleolivia, which significantly has been heralded the world’s best olive oil for four years, the idea is to give consumers a taste of the Mediterranean. But do they succeed? Well, 10 packets later and a very content disposition, not to give the game away or anything, but yes they do!


From lard fried potato slices in 1817 to just over 100 years later, the humble resilient crisp has enjoyed a long journey to sophistication and Corkers have nailed it. The beautiful colours of ‘Parsnip, Sweet Potato & Beetroot with Sea Salt’ and the subtle but distinct vegetable tastes are delicious. I found myself searching for more beetroot ones but sadly it’s all over too quickly. Fortunately there are other flavours to try. Understandably the vegetable ones are not as crunchy as let’s say the versatile ‘Lightly Sea Salted’or the ‘Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar’, where the glorious taste bud watering smell of balsamic seeps through the packet as I open it. Crispy and curly, the small bite size does give you the impression of just nibbling a few crisps…no harm there then! Then there’s the ‘Sweet Potato with Sea Salt’, a subtly sweet, non-greasy and lightly salted crisp, which disappears rather fast too. The ‘Rosemary & Garlic’crisps were a surprise as I wasn’t expecting to experience such a fresh taste of rosemary with a slight hint of garlic – a great combination, but my favourite has to be the ‘Black Truffle’with a tiny hint of mushroom; a divine little crisp, filling my kitchen with a ridiculous amount of MMMMs!  And I haven’t even got round to tasting the ‘Mediterranean Cheese & Roasted Onion’yet…


Corkers olive oil crisp range contain flavours that are subtle and tasteful, enjoyable with a nice glass of wine, soft drink or water (let’s face it, just about anything), suitable for vegetarians and vegans, they are gluten free, hand cooked with no artificial or MSG products. Whenever I feel dizzy or under par for whatever reason, I crave crisps, I’m surely not alone. Many of my female friends and I seem to chirp up at the prospect of ‘sharing’ a packet of crisps in a bar or café with our drinks, then 15 minutes later, one of us buys another pack to ‘share’, ahem! That mildly salty comforting crisp packet is a faithful friend and now I can feel even more comforted to know Corkers have created artisan crisps, which, they proclaim, takes ‘the hard working potato on a Mediterranean adventure’. Who wouldn’t want to join them on that journey?corkers-crisps-review-thoselondonchicks

We are a nation like no other obsessed with our crisps; opening a packet seems to do something familiar and comforting to our senses. So, no, you won’t see a packet of crisps on a healthy diet sheet and snacking has led to many overeating habits that have tipped our scales into meltdown but look at the effort people like the Corkers guys are making to rid the crisp of its lard and heavy salt reputation. The process is impressive and the result is one delicious taste. So, in moderation, mine is a sparkling water and a packet of Corkers please!!

By Elsie George

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