The Correlation Between Appearance and Success


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While first impressions can rarely serve as bulletproof character references, they sure can make or break your professional growth, especially in these incredibly competitive times. And while we as ladies need no additional reasons to groom and do our best to look our best, it seems that the road to success truly is paved with the right style sense and a decent pair of heels.

According to a study conducted by sociologists Jaclyn Wong and Andrew Penner, your attractiveness has a profound effect on how much you can advance career-wise. So, in order to crack the stylish code of success, let’s delve deeper into the matter at hand and help you create a wardrobe that will take you to the stars.

The Gender Gap


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But first thing’s first – understanding the impact of your looks in the workplace is crucial in understanding the dynamics of the environment in which you perform your job. The study emphasized the fact that this factor of good looks applies to women in a very specific way, that is, it doesn’t only refer to what you already bring to the table with your natural beauty, but mostly to how much effort you invest to bring it out with makeup and suitable outfits.

Gents, on the other hand, are only assessed based on their innate attractiveness level, meaning that grooming doesn’t play that massive of a role in the process. That said, ladies who love their morning makeup routine will love the fact that it can help them get ahead and improve how people perceive them professionally, while the rest may find this difficult to overcome in a business environment.

The Outfit Factor


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When it comes to the classy world of clothes, it is deeply intertwined with your work performance, and on several crucial levels. First of all, it affects how you’re perceived in your office both by your superiors and your subordinates, meaning that it can both help you advance and establish authority when done well. Secondly, clothes can affect your own self-image and your performance, so do stick to that good old “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”.

In addition to what you say and how you say it, your choice of clothing is a manner of communication, and it speaks volumes of your preferences, attitudes, confidence levels and ambition. So just like you would choose your words carefully when speaking to your colleagues, use your style to speak for you and support your language.

Redefine the Business Basics


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While many ladies already own impressive pant suits you can always rely on, the modern office requires a more innovative touch of elevated, but effortless elegance. As a result, women have started incorporating a more creative approach and introducing brands such as Valentino in their basic capsule wardrobe for the office. Think: business skirts, tees and accessories with a colorful twist, a playfully feminine floral pattern, or edgy adornments for a touch of unconventional assertiveness.

This outside-of-the-box professional style may be difficult to achieve at first, but rest assured, after you find your favorite blood-red jacket and a pair of royal blue shoes, you’ll be unstoppable when it comes to expressing your stylish way to success!

Work your Makeup Magic


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If we were to base our choices on the aforementioned study that emphasizes the use of grooming, then your makeup and other details of your style need to be as powerful as your fresh business combo. In fact, your sleek and polished look is your number one asset in establishing a mighty first impression, and long-term dominance in your position.

Look to your basic grooming such as eyebrows, manicured nails, a clean and neat hairstyle, and then you can move on to the big guns. If you want the Rimmel London bright orange lip, then the rest of your makeup should stay subdued and simple. A subtle shade of eyeshadow and a lipstick that brings out your pearly whites are always a bonus, but make sure the tones are appropriate for the situation.

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