The Crypt Keeper – Halloween Makeup Tutorial


Hello again! Its even closer to “that time of year again” Today I am going to show you a very creepy, easy and effective Crypt Keeper look. Ready for trick or treating with the kids, a Halloween party or just to freak a friend out with!
Here we go! Lets Make Up!

halloween-makeupStart with a very pale face, you can use a pale foundation or face paints to create this look.


Now this bit gets messy so make sure there are baby wipes handy! using your eyeshadow brush make shadows using a grey eyeshadow on the top of the forehead, on the temple, from the centre of the nose across the cheek and from the corners of the mouth out towards the ears. Then with black eyeshadow blackout the eyes completely right up to the eyebrow and down below the eyes. The nose needs to be blacked out just in a circle and a black line from the corners of the mouth up towards the ear on top of the grey.

11Using a black eyeliner preferably liquid pen as its easier to control, define the black around the nose creating two spikes on the bridge. Draw a line straight across from the corners of the mouth on each side and put an equal amount of spots on the top and bottom. these will be the stitch holes.

12Again with the black liquid liner draw lines to connect the dots in a stitch-like fashion. then with a white eyeliner draw a circle around the black on each eye. this will just create more definition. With a dark grey eyeshadow sweep the eyeshadow brush up from the corner of each inner eye up and curve over the brow bone.

13Using a white eyeliner draw teeth shapes on the bottom of the lower stitches, go over them again with a grey eyeliner just to create shadow and definition.


Final look!



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