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I was asked to write this review as I’ve been a Deadpool fan for sometime. I have been waiting for this movie since Ryan Reynold’s (half) took on the role for Wolverine Origins in 2009 and since 2010 an IMDB page has been up declaring the movie in pre-production. I have always been a comic book fan. My poor girlfriend (the wonderful TLC editor you all know as Kate) has to endure a Spiderman No.1 poster framed in the bathroom (among other things in my flat) and even got me a Valentines card with a Superman S on it this year. I like superheroes. But I like Deadpool more for his anti-hero-ness, which makes him more real. Weirdly, more human.

The questions I always want to know when reading a review of a comic book film are two fold:

  1. deadpool-superhero-hero-antihero-heart-valentines-day-costume-red-ryan-reynolds-black-knives-swords-marvel

    Does it deliver for true fans?

  2. Does it deliver for people who know nothing about the character(s).

The answers are;

  1. Yes. Absolutely.
  2. Yes, but only if you have a sense of humour to match the content. I’ll explain below.

For the die hard fans, I think they’ll agree that Ryan Reynold’s was made to play Wade Wilson/Deadpool. Deadpool is the “merc with a mouth” and Reynold’s has always excelled at playing gobby, wise cracking jokers. I first saw Reynold’s in Van Wilder while I was on a tour of Northern Ireland. I then sought out all his other films from Foolproof to Waiting. Yes he often plays the same character, but it works so well. Even Definitely Maybe (a romcom/chick’s flick) worked with him, not to mention the Proposal. I personally find him entertaining. If you do too, you’ll love Deadpool. It’s classic Reynold’s.

As for keeping with the Deadpool comic book character we know and love. It’s all there: breaking the fourth wall (speaking to the audience), the realisation he is a fictional character, the omnisexual (and overtly sexual) inudendos and the antihero love of violence. Another friend of mine messaged to say how much he loved the film and that in his opinion this was the best Marvel film yet. I’d have to agree. I’ve felt spiderman and the various X-men/Avengers movies have been good, but often too aimed at children (to of course capitalise on marketing and toy/games sales). Deadpool does not do this. It is NOT a children’s film. I would not allow my child to watch this. From decapitating people to horrendously crude masturbation jokes, this is not aimed at children.

If you like the Deadpool character anyway, or like superhero films but feel they are too fluffy and need a bit of darkness, you will love this film. The comedy and in house jokes are brilliant. Without spoiling it for you there are references to other Marvels films and even things we (probably) disliked about them and of course, Stan Lee makes an appearance – in the mostly unlikely of places which was received with a chorus of laughs.

deadpool-superhero-hero-antihero-heart-valentines-day-costume-red-black-knives-swords-marvelSo what about those that don’t know Deadpool? Well, let me put it this way: one woman left the cinema within 10-15minutes. This film is VERY violent. 80s films (Robocop, Rambo etc) violent. Deadpool is an antihero. He kills people. He doesn’t apologise for it. He won’t be convinced not too. It’s what he does. If you aren’t aware, in the various comic books, Deadpool is insane – or at least a little deranged. He has two voices in his head (this is kind of missing in the film, but with Reynold’s comic timing and perfect tone, it isn’t necessary and would probably have ruined the character). Deadpool has a healing factor like Wolverine (in the comics, from Wolverine), so he can heal from any wound. However, this includes regeneration of his brain tissue, which causes him to be unstable. As you’ll see, it also leaves him with something quite undesirable, but I don’t want to the ruin the story.

Deadpool is also (as described by his co-creator in 2013) as omni sexual. Attracted to whatever and whoever at THAT moment. This was a ploy to make a superhero that anyone can connect with. Who hasn’t dreamed of being a superhero? ok, just me then… But if you have, no matter who you are, Deadpool is someone you can connect with. He is open in all the ways we want to be. He is happy to kill. He does want sex. He does masturbate and he’s not ashamed to admit it. in fact he down right shouts about it. He’s a revelation in the Marvel universe that I hope now makes appearances in every franchise from Xmen to Avengers.

To sum up then: unless you are devoutly religious or believe violence, sex and bad language in movies is something to be avoided, you will enjoy Deadpool. Reynold’s absolutely nails it. The comedy, especially that mocking Marvel films before, not to mention the actors who play them, is spot on. I haven’t sat in a cinema and heard so many people laughing out loud from start to finish. The story is close to the comic books, but with enough changes to make it work for a 2 hour movie and not make it too complicated for the non-Deadpool fan. Most of the actors work and although you could argue a few chapters are a bit one dimensional (it is a comic book film!) it doesn’t matter, as to be honest, we just want Deadpool on screen; wisecracking or using his swords to inflict damaged on everyone while probably getting shot himself.


Sean Lerwill

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