The Vibration of 2017 – getting to the heart of what we want.


The Vibration of 2017 – getting to the heart of what we want.

Struggling with upholding your New Year intentions and resolutions? Is the enthusiasm beginning to wane as the cold nights sap the Christmas spirit of change and newness? Does the 1st of January seem…just so long ago?

There is a crucial factor often overlooked when we set New Year intentions. As we plan our purpose and desires for the year ahead – to be, wonderfully and encouragingly, our best selves – we tend to do this from, and whilst in, a state of high vibration. We have ‘wrapped up’ the year, come to terms with what has passed, have relaxed over the Christmas break – in the knowledge that the rest of the country, indeed most of the world, has the same permission – and we have re-connected within.

Having done ‘the family thing’ and delivered our gifts and wishes, we can finally let go. It is this letting go which raises our energetic vibration to unseen, yet tangibly felt, highs.  And from this feeling place, we set our intentions. It is when our vibration lowers again, when the electromagnetic waves we receive and emit become clouded and heavy within our energy body, that it can become effortful to maintain our intentions. At this point the trick is not to ‘try harder’ but to step back and focus not on the new habit itself, but on how we feel. Get ourselves feeling light and good again, and the resolutions can be maintained (often, ironically, the habit or resolution itself is exactly what is needed to maintain the higher vibration). It is how we feel which influences what we think and therefore what we do.


The second aspect to consider is the inclusion of the heart. At the heart of vibration…is our heart. We make our most authentic decisions when we are centered within our hearts – when we have let go of duties and needs and have been allowed to explore and grow. The heart energy which chose the intention must be allowed to flourish. Often when we ‘set a resolution’ the heart energy is transferred to ‘outside of us’; to fulfilling the endeavour, habit or change. But it is the ongoing connection to our heart which ensures continuation – if this is desired.

What must also be allowed for, is expansion. After all, we choose matters of the heart so we can expand, don’t we? So within any new endeavour or intention we must make space for this. Without room to grow, we – the relationship, project or desire – will peter out. When our heart has been forgotten or ‘doesn’t know where to go’ it’s time to re-evaluate; to check back in and to raise our vibration. This is how we achieve what we want…and, most importantly, enjoy the process while getting it.


By Delilah Sullivan

Well-being Coach – Energy Practitioner – Spiritual Writer

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