Chicks Netflix Picks – Dexter

An 8 season affair with ….. a serial killer?

I don’t know whether to say you are unfortunate or lucky that Dexter is now finished. When you start the season(and get hooked as we are sure you will) you will be gutted it has finished but so glad you have access to the complete series, right there at the touch of your remote.

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All 8 Seasons of the show are available to catch on Netflix, this makes this pick great for ‘binge watching’!!


Dexter is a high concept drama. The series centers on ‘Dexter Morgan’ played by Michael C Hall of ‘Six Feet Under’, who is a serial Killer…,a classic ‘Anti-Hero’. He not only leads a secret life killing ‘bad’ people, (criminals who have slipped through the cracks of the Justice system), he also works for Miami Metro Police department as a blood spatter expert. Sounds crazy?…… but it works!!

Dexter Season 8

An extremely risky show for mainstream TV, as we, the audience are asked to identify with Dexter., as we follow his journey into killing and not getting caught, having a seemingly normal life and ‘love’. With a continual voice over from Dexter, we are privy to his deepest darkest thoughts, making the character extremely intriguing. The story explores Dexter juggling his secret life and his public persona, We see the sometimes ‘knife edge’ struggles to keep his very bright ambitious detective sister, (played by Jennifer Carpenter), who he share’s an extremely co dependant relationship with, from discovering who/what he really is…. Along the way, he identifies other serial killers, that he fights hard to kill before the Police department he works for, capture and imprison them…. There they could ‘slip through the net’ and be free to kill again.

This show has a truly stellar cast especially Michael C Hall. The more I write about this series the more absurd it sounds…. This high octane drama is most definitely well worth a watch even if does sound ludicrous!!

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