Do more of what you love!


Rebecca Keenaghan

   Don’t just Love what you do,
also do more of what you Love.

Bob M wisdom

More and more of my friends are leaving the kind of jobs they do just to pay the bills, instead they are following their heart and making their dreams realities. I talk from experience when I say that enjoying your work is a true blessing. We all spend plenty of our precious time working. I believe it was Mark Anthony that said “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. So take a moment to ask yourself this, where do YOUR natural talents lie? Are you putting them to good use? Have you found and unlocked your Dharma? Or at least started the ball rolling? It’s OK not to have all the answers right away. None of us do. These things take time, life is a work in progress.
Sometimes we don’t know our special skills until we try something new and unearth an undiscovered passion or talent. Photography, rock climbing, travelling, writing, massage, film, music, painting, kite flying, cooking, educating or helping/healing others. This list is endless…… You don’t know until you try.


Until I started my healing journey 8 years ago I had not found my Dharma (life’s work or purpose). I discovered a life long friend in my first Yoga class many moons ago… Yoga mat. Before that I’d read a few books on Yoga and attempted to copy what I saw in the pages but I wanted more. I still do. There’s always more to learn, so I’m comfortable with continually feeling like a greenhorn in this journey of mine. All of us are trying to figure out what this ‘life’ business is all about, like children learning their first language. First they experiment with sounds, then repeat certain noises. They get things wrong, but soon learn to start creating and expressing themselves using this clever communication. …..words! As they get even more intelligible, they discover great works of literature or even learn another language. The possibilities are endless! First we learn by osmosis, we absorb the information like a sponge and do our best at putting it to good use. Then the more we practice the better we get, if we put our hearts and soul into it. This method of learning is tried and tested by all of us.


The same evolution happens with the language of the heart. What is the language of the heart? Love. It’s the magic ingredient in the recipe for living a fulfilling and jubilant life.  New doors of perception appear if you stay true to your heart’s path.  We continue to make mistakes but continue to grow and learn anyhow. Robert Anton Wilson said “If you want to get better at something do it everyday”. If you want to learn/get better at something or have found a passion that ignites your heart’s flame DO IT EVERYDAY.

Fuel the world’s heart fire by burning yours ever brighter.
May there always be Light in your Heart and may your Soul dance freely in that Light
Becca xx

love your work