Dress for Success: Business Style of Millennial Women

Business Style of Millennial Women

There was a time when the job market was almost exclusively a man’s world, but today, women are the one who are dominating the job landscape, especially the ones born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s. These millennial women are strong, capable and self-confident. They are used to multi-tasking, and despite their often crazy schedule, they somehow manage to fit in a pinch of fashion indulgence in their workday. But what makes a millennial office outfit so different than the one worn by, let’s say, a baby boomer? Well, in this article, we’ll try to unravel the mystery behind their impeccable style and share it with you, so read on.

Dress for Success: Business Style of Millennial Women

The art of finding a go-to outfit

Millennial women know how it is to have only a couple of minutes to get ready for work. Spending those couple of minutes searching for a good combination is a waste of time, because you might end up with messy hair and no makeup. That’s why it is better to have a go-to combination (e.g. pants, blouse and a blazer) in several colors. Keep one of them clean and neat at all times, so that you can always put it on if you are in a hurry. If you are worried about looking the same in the office every day, you can shake things up a bit with different accessories.

Dress for Success: Business Style of Millennial Women

Your clothes have something to say

Not so long ago, woman’s work attire needed to be modest and basically dull in order to be appropriate. However, these days, you have the chance to make a statement with your outfit, to say something about who you are and what your ambitions are without compromising the professionalism of your style. This means adding a specific twist to your outfits. This pop of personal style can range from a printed scarf and subtle leather wristband to colorful shoes and an eye-catching bag.

Dress for Success: Business Style of Millennial Women

Dress for your figure

Beauty comes in all shape and sizes, and, fortunately, so do clothes. No longer does a curvy gall have to dress in dull, dated and loose rags. These days you can find a lot of work-appropriate and stylish plus size t shirts that you can rock along with your favorite trousers or skirt. Slim girls too should dress for their figure, and accentuate their assets with cuts that create curve and volume and colorful or heavy-printed pieces. There is a style for everyone.

Dress for Success: Business Style of Millennial Women

Rocking the work casual style

While wearing a well-fitted suit is needed for introducing a client or going to a big meeting, most of the days at the office are quite neutral when it comes to clothing, although your choice of outfit will also depend on your position in the company. If the dress code in your office is work casual, you can wear your favorite pair of jeans (as long as they are not ripped or have patches and rivets). Pair the jeans with a blouse, blazer or tunic. Add an interesting piece of accessory and wear flat shoes (e.g. Oxfords) or comfy and not very high heels, and you will be happy, comfortable and productive throughout your workday.

Dress for Success: Business Style of Millennial Women

The devil is in the details

While your boss may never notice the difference between maroon and burgundy, he/she will definitely see when your clothes are messy and wrinkled. Make sure that, regardless of what you’re wearing, your clothes are always clean and neat. And speaking of game-changing details, don’t forget to pay special attention to your accessories, footwear and makeup. You can use jewelry, bags, scarves and similar items to elevate your clothing combination or make it more fun. Also, to add some youthful charm to your corporate outfit, you can always go with a bold choice, such as ankle boots, color-blocked shoes or bag, a statement necklace, vintage jewelry, a patterned purse, etc.

Millennial women are a breath of fresh air in the world of workplace fashion, and style is not a game for them. They are highly-informed about what’s hot and what’s not, and are not willing to make compromises when it comes to their self-confidence and comfort. If you want to feel the same, just follow our tips.


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