Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton

The first person I smooched and really fancied after my big love was a friend from Denver who had just moved to NY. We’d enjoyed some mild flirtation in the past but never anything more as I was in a relationship and he was a modelizier.

I love it when you first start liking someone, you get really excited and get a sparkle in your eyes and don’t think twice about being ‘that couple’ Kissing at the bar, or at a restaurant, in a cab, you’re just really into each other. ‘M’ and I went on a few dates but it didn’t really develop into anything, partly because I was a bit of a mess after my break-up and to be honest, he was a bit of a douche bag and not unlike the guy I just left.

We’d had some fun hook-ups so rather than let this easy sex and smooching go to waste we fell into a pattern of being a casual hook-up. Suited us both fine, no expectations, no judgment, no wondering if he’s going to call, just sex and sometimes a nice brunch the next day.

One night my friend, Garrett and I were at a birthday party and bored out of our minds. We’d gone through a bottle of champagne at mine before we went out and had moved onto vodka sodas and were soon to be adding shots to the mix.

“We should probably eat something before we get too drunk” said Garrett

“Yeah good plan, let’s order something here and split it before we get another drink”

10 minutes later a little plate of edemame comes our way and we share it pleased with ourselves and how grown-up and responsible we’re being. Great job us.

I suffer through another hour of this awful party before deciding it’s time to hit-up M and head to the bar he’s partying at on the East side. I say good night to the birthday girl, get a slap on the ass from Garrett and nip over to my see my sex-friend.

When I arrive he’s standing at the bar with his friends, girls around him smiling and flirting as always but when I walk over and say hi he turns all his attention to me, kisses me on the cheek and asks what I’d like to drink. I know I said he was a bit of a douche but to his credit he was always a gentleman. (Well, except for this one time on a weekend beach trip but that is another story). We proceed to get rat-arsed, take selfies and make-out at the bar as if nobody else is there. I remember trying to walk and exit the bar with dignity but I’m in stupid heels and fur coat so you can’t miss me, I can still see the distain on his girlfriend’s faces as I trot out behind him.

The sex is fun as always, no inhibitions; we’ve seen each other naked so many times and before you know it he’s waking me up with morning glory and a smile. Normally I’m up for some morning sex, your bod feels great, it’s easy, you don’t even have to look at each other but that morning I just couldn’t be bothered.  I caved-in of course and rolled onto my side and thought about what I might get for breakfast on my way home. What happened next is such a shock, it happened so quickly I really had no time to be embarrassed.

As we’re having sex, while he’s inside me, I get an almighty nosebleed. I hadn’t had one of those since I was about twelve, what the hell had brought that on?! Without even thinking I yell, “I HAVE A NOSE BLEED” and jump out of bed and run to the bathroom. M has a studio apartment and as I’m bent over the sink completely starkers with dreadlocked sex hair and my nose pouring with blood I can see M ripping the expensive sheets from his king size bed in the mirror. He’s a ninja, taking sheets away, protecting the mattress and the bed is re-set and he’s standing next to me in the bathroom before you know it.

“I’m super sexy in the mornings eh?” trying to defuse this weird moment with humor

“Ha ha yes you are!”

“I think its time for me to go”, I say holding a tissue to my nose and walking to the bedroom to pick-up my clothes. I slowly get dressed as we chat and he’s so cool and nice, almost like it didn’t happen but we both know it did. As I sit on the edge of his bed to put my shoes on he starts rubbing my lower back, we’re bantering on about our weekend plans or whatever then he’s trying to put his hand down the back of my pants and slip me a finger. This guy really wants a morning shag! I look like crap, I have eyeliner smudged down my checks, my hair is a crow’s nest and there’s probably tissue and dried blood stuck on my nose. I’m stunned. It really was time to go so I hold my heels, through my faux-fur over my shoulder and we say we’ll chat soon.

Shockingly, this was not the last time we hooked-up. We have never spoken about that morning again but I’m sure his friends got a good laugh.