cod and skincare


There are a lot of reasons why you should make the switch to using CBD-based skincare products. Not only are they a far more effective product, but they are also derived from natural sources known to be safe and nourishing to the skin. If you’re still on the fence about using CBD products for your skincare, here are some things you should know.

It won’t make you high

The preconceived notion when people hear about CBD product is that it’s another form of the drug marijuana and that it will make them high. They think they’ll need to apply for a license in institutions just to buy the product. The thing to remember is that marijuana contains a lot of compounds called cannabinoids all with different properties and effects of the body. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effect of the plant. Another compound, CBD, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and pain relief but it does not cause users to get high. In many CBD-based skincare products, the CBD is derived from hemp and not marijuana which means there’s very little or no THC content in the oil.

Reduce signs of ageing

As you age, the skin accumulates a lot of toxins and damage to its cells which shows through its changing texture, tone, and appearance of wrinkles. In order to halt this progress or even reverse it, people would need to apply anti-aging lotions and creams. There are numerous products all claiming to reverse the effects of aging but none are as effective as CBD products. CBD oil is an effective hydrating product for the skin. Its anti-inflammatory property also helps to mitigate cell damage.  CBD that’s derived from hemp also contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids that help to stimulate the production of collagen.

Acne cure

Acne results from skin inflammation due to the build-up of dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil that clogs the pores. This can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that eat up these skin and dirt debris. The proliferation of this bacteria results in an acne breakout. CBD is known to limit the production of oil. As mentioned previously, it’s also an effective anti-inflammatory.


Helps to moisturize the skin

There are a lot of people who suffer from dry skin. It has many reasons but its cure revolves around keeping the skin hydrated. The problem with many of these moisturizing products is it can cause the skin to become over-moisturize which can prevent the skin from producing oil. Dry skin can also lead to itchiness, flaking, and pain. CBD can be a very good solution to some of the symptoms of dry skin like pain, itchiness, and toughness. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing benefits.


The legality

For those already interested in trying a CBD-based skincare product, they might be wondering if they’re breaking the law by purchasing one, especially if they live in a place where cannabis products are prohibited. According to the Farm Bill, cannabinoids from industrial hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC are legal. And although the government lumps CBD together with marijuana, they don’t enforce against it. Many people are able to obtain CBD products online without a medical cannabis license.

Author Bio:

Kerry Brooks, an avid blogger and advocate of the legalization of cannabis, loves to write about health, fitness, and travel. She is currently working with Apollo cannabis, a leading cannabis clinic and research organization, which helps thousands of Canadians gain access to medical cannabis.