The Great Outdoors



IMG_5323Living under the Californian sun brings a whole new ball game to your exercise regime. Working out is standard here. There are also free options which gives us lazy folk no excuses! Plus Angelinos tend to encourage a healthy diet – kale being a top ingredient…KALE – but we’ll leave diet to another day!

Hiking. Not the sort that springs to mind instantly for us. No hiking boots, sticks, macs or compasses needed. These range in size from a quick 20 minute hill walk or much longer. For example – I once got really lost with my brother and friends and it took us 4 hours to find our way back down to the car. Thanks Wildwood hike! Note to self – not all hikes loop back around.

Runyon Canyon is a commonly trodden trek in Hollywood. It’s a great place to meet up with friends and hike – maybe catch up on gossip or celeb spot on the various trails. My favourite celebrity spots have been Terri Hatcher’s massive sun hat and the picture perfect family of William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman. Adorable.

On my first visit to Runyon, I thought I had to run it…. It is in the title! Nope. That effort made me almost pass out after the first corner. Although I do see people – clearly way fitter than I – running the hills of Runyon. Nutters!

IMG_0721 That leads me to the second time I had a fainting experience at Runyon where I actually passed out cold. It was during a free yoga class. Yes. This Brit decided it was a fabulous plan to become an LA yogi in the direct sun. Hey, I thought it was the perfect way to work out and tan at the same time! Which is obviously a genius move when I am not used to either yoga or direct morning sun/heat. For me, the comedy in passing out during this class was that no one batted an eyelid. I must have passed out flat on my back, woke up and to save my embarrassment jumped back into a one legged turned out knee stance (you can see I didn’t keep the yoga up) and no one even looked my way as I subtly dragged my towel (yoga mat substitute) into the shade.


Our life takes us on twists and turns and the next turn in my sporty life would take me onto a softball team. Softball. Who’s ever heard of that? I hadn’t! Remember rounders at school? Well it’s kind of like that. I think that was the last time I’d actually played sports. My acting studio has a team in a citywide league and one day whilst supporting my boyfriend – now husband – they called upon me to step in for a missing player. Have you ever tried to swing a bat at an on coming ball and thought that it would be easy? Well it wasn’t as easy as it sounded to me. But 2 years on, I’m getting better. Slightly. I played 3rd base last weekend and nearly took a line drive to the face…yikes! It’s exciting and scary to put ourselves in these places. Having the faith to let go of the fear and jumping in. Super cheesy sentiment but I guess as am writing this I can see how this can apply to so many things and I wish I did it more. Oh the irony of life.

superman-hunter-penceSoftball then led me on to becoming a massive baseball fan! Guys! I’m a sports fan! Now I would call my football team (soccer here) my hometown team, the Wolverhampton Wanderers. I’ll be true to them but I’m not sure I was ever a real supporter – I’ll try and get better Wolves. But, baseball! I love it. So they play what feels like 10 million games (162 to be exact) in the year, which leads to a playoff series, which leads to the World Series. I was lucky enough to marry into a family who are massive San Francisco Giants fans.  And The Giants just so happened to win the World Series in 2012 and again, just now, in 2014. I am clearly their lucky charm! Putting that into perspective some teams haven’t won since early 1900’s.

I went to a World Series game in San Francisco at their home ballpark in 2012, which was amazing! I’m sure everyone has a team they love and these guys inspire me so much in many ways. This year one of my favourite players on the Giants team, Hunter Pence, was being heckled from fans of the opposing teams. Every city he went to it seemed to be more and more popular to make signs taunting him, like “Hunter Pence can’t parallel park” or “Hunter Pence still has a blockbuster card” Nothing terrible but some started getting oddly mean. But then the SF Giants and their fans started to join in and make funny signs and it became a craze. Check out #HunterPenceSigns. “Superman wears Hunter Pence underwear” was possibly my favourite sign I spotted during a game. Pence even joined in with multiple tweets, one of him posing in a swanky new car, thumbs up, repeating the parallel park quote. Back at you hecklers!

We’re always going to get “hecklers” in our lives. Let’s Hunter Pence that shit around from now on and let the hecklers push us forward to be the best we can be!