Netflix Chicks – Filth just may be your cup of tea!


Filth: a Review

Newish to Netflix is Filth it’s based on the novel by Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting’), his darkest yet! There have been two adaptation’s of Welsh’s work which didn’t work! ‘The Acid House’ and ‘Ecstasy’. This adaptation was wfilthritten and directed by Jon S. Baird. Staring James McAvoy who a plays corrupt, abusive, bigoted, drugs and drink driven cop ’Bruce’, and his drug addled side kick ‘Lennox’ ( Jaime Bell). Now, this is an interestingly risky ‘pick’, considering it was deemed so shocking it almost didn’t get released. The film starts when Bruce is in line for promotion. Which, he will stop at nothing to get, including foul play against his colleagues he’s threatened by, turning them all against each other. In what feels like a minor sub plot, there is a brutal murder of a student at the start of the film that needs solving. But, what fuels this film is Bruce’s darkest ‘demons getting the better of him as his life spirals out of control and he descends deeper into his addiction and looses his grip on reality. With fantasy sequences, including flashes of his glamorous wife ,who we discover has long since left him. He has interactions ( hallucinations) with a psychiatrist (Jim Broadbent) which I’m not sure quite worked, but the film becomes more stylized, the more Bruce’s mental state deteriorates. This film isn’t one for the faint hearted as, in places it is brutal, with characters you feel nothing for. But with James McAvoy giving what I believe to be his best performance yet, he is exceptional. You begin near the end of the film, to realise that this character is extremely damaged. Do you feel empathy for him…still not sure.

With a top class cast it’s certainly is an interesting watch!

By Karen Bryson  

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